Full Heal/ Stun-screw Uther by Zakronz

Full Heal/ Stun-screw Uther

By: Zakronz
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015
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Your Role Top

Uthercan be an incredibly sexy healer. He has great burst heals with a skill-shot that heals himself and everyone he hits and of course he has ridiculous amounts of stuns, slows and various other forms of CC.

There is just one problem with Uther... His painful CD timers and his overwhelming capability to go OOM.

Your Skills Top

Tier One
The first thing you want to pick up will be Conjurer's Pursuit. Why, you ask?... So you don't run out of mana as soon as you cast your first two heals. It will take a while for this to work but after you receive around 3 stacks it is pretty tough for you to go OOM. It will of course happen eventually especially after large team-fights but you can just grab some regen juice from the sippy-cup (fountain) and get back in the game; as opposed to having to hearth back to base.

Tier Two
Next is Protective Shield. Pretty self explanatory. When everything is on CD toss one of these bad boys on your team-mates instead of having to retreat to save face.

Tier Three
Wave of Light, this'll help with keeping your mana up and drop your CD timer on your secondary heal. Which, as mentioned; Uther's long timers are quite painful so this choice will help you fire off those heals at quite a nice rate.

Tier Four
Divine Storm. My absolute favorite. Not only does Uther toss great heals but this AoE stun can be a complete game-changer in team fights. The damage isn't too shabby either.

Tier Five
Shrink Ray, whether you use it to slow an escaping opponent or help mitigate some damage on your team, this is an incredible tier choice. and used in conjunction with your other stuns and CC can really aid your team in a way that only Uther can.

Tier Six
Hardened Focus, it's around this point in the game that you will truly become a raging storm or holyness. With your nice mana regen, wave of light on a low CD and now this. 50% cooldown reduction is DIRTY. You'll be throwing heal left, right and center.

Tier Seven
Divine Hurricane. Not only does this drop the CD of your ultimate considerably... But it increases the radius by a whopping 50% Anyone who comes remotely close to you will be stun-screwed. You have your 'E' stun, Shrink Ray slow, and Divine Hurricane to work with here all with some rather tasty CD timers.

Well there you have it, those are the skills required to pull of a full heal/ stunscrew Uther. Next, we'll look at how you play him.

Your Playstyle Top

It is well known that Uther can put out some damage if played a certain way... but that's not what we're doing here. In there beginning you'll need to watch out for that mana. ALWAYS pick up your health globes and if there is a team fight, you get your supple round booty in there and do what you do best.

Save your 'Q' heal for 'Oh S#@t moments because it is rather taxing on the mana pool. Try to use Wave of Light as your go-to and grab some opposing creeps/ heroes in there too. The more the merrier.

Do NOT forget your bubble, That protective shield can really help out in a tough spot.

If you can grab a kill with Wave of Light, by all means do so. But we don't want to be wasting our heals and triggering a cooldown on killing a few wave creeps.

That's all Folks! Top

This build was created by me -Zakronz- and thoroughly tested <3

The great thing about this build is it works on all maps. If you have a second support on team and lacking the DPS it can be tweaked as it is rather flexible. But most the time this is a great build for sheer healing and CCs. If you get out-healed by anyone... and I mean ANYONE. You're doing it wrong.

Any questions? Add me at Zakronz#1480

Take care, lads <3

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