Gazlowe Solo Lane + Mercs + Lategame Shredding by Chamaeleonx

Gazlowe Solo Lane + Mercs + Lategame Shredding

By: Chamaeleonx
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2015
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Introduction Top

Hello everybody,
I would like to share the way i'm playing Gazlowe. My way of playing makes it harder to fight in teamfights but it really pays of through mercenary camps, pushing and lategame power.

Explanation Top

Level 1:
You are going to pick Regeneration Master. I'm picking this talent because I don't find the others that useful over the course of the game. Increased Mana Return or more Cooldownreduction don't make much sense to me as you don't have much Cooldown bound mechanics, same goes for Mana Return as you can handle most situations with the current Mana Return.
The Xplodium Charge Damage increase isn't really because most skilled heroes will just run out of it or dodge it due to low range and roughtly 3-4s activation time.
At last, destroying Ammo with basic attacks sounds nice but you achieve the same with just pushing your lane using Turrets and Xplodium.

Level 4:
You are going to pick Superiority. It makes you really tanky against minions and mercenary camps, which we both need to either stop a push or do mercenary camps as will be described later. The other talents aren't that useful due to the low HP pool either the minions have or the Turrets have.

Level 7:
You are going to pick Engine Gunk. This talent is really, really useful for either keeping them in range of your Turrets, Auto Attacks and Xplodium charges or just for escaping as you can line your Turrets up and let them slow/dismount any enemy that chases you.

Level 10:
You are going to pick Robo-Goblin. Now starts the bread and butter of my build. This talent allows you to finish mercenary camps fast, solo Boss camps and push heavily while minions/Turrets/Regen tank the tower.
The other talent might be useful for Crowd Control but it has a cooldown and its Damage isn't that great.

Level 13:
You are going to pick Burning Rage. This might be a tricky choice as some prefer Sprint, but I rather get the increase Damage over Time then a Movement Cooldown. For escaping i'm used to the slow of my Turrets and my HP Regen. Well, Lazor is practically useless outside of a lucky, really quick snipe under the Tower.

Level 16:
You are going to pick Turret Storage. A pretty easy choice as it increases the Turrets you can hold up to 4, this leads to more Slowing, more Damage and more ground covered in your Turrets.

Level 20:
You are going to pick Mecha-Lord. This basicly changes Gazlowe into a hardcore Melee Brawler that even shreds Tanks in a 1on1 situation. You might look at Fury of the Storm, but in my experience the Damage output of Burning Rage is much, much better and isn't Cooldown restricted.

Gameplay Top

Early Game Laning:
Early game you want to push as much as you can to gain Exp. In your lane you should position your Turrets around the height of the Mage minion, while paying attention that the two circles overlap each other to increase Damage in case somebody wants to fight you. You are going to use your Xplodium Charge to hit the Archer and Mage minions while auto-hitting the Mage Minion to get the Regen Pearl as it increases your Regeneration Master Talent.
In case of a gank you should scare them of with Turrets and your Xplodium Charge as most players will rather dodge it then getting stunned and possibly die.
Always try to get your parts back to keep Mana at a reasonable level.

Once you hit Level 4 and you got some breathing room in your lane you might want to pick up a mercenary camp. Place your Turrets and your Xplodium Charge to get maximum Damage and wither them down as fast as you can.

Once you hit Level 10 you can either damage their constructs/bases or do some more mercenary camps to keep control over them of the course of the match. If you feel confident enough and you got quite some stacks for your Regeneration Master then you might want to solo a sneaky Boss camp. Obviously this will be quite hard at this stage and you will come out low life but its possible. Fight the Boss, dodge his Area Attack and place your Turrets directly behind you, that way they can still hit the Boss but the Area Attack doesn't 1-Hit them anymore.

You might get into brawling situations over the course of the game. Depending of the stage of the game you might want to either flee or actually fight them. My advice would be to start brawling only after you at least the 4 Turret charges. Once you hit Level 20 it gets way easier. You basicly fight like this:
- Place Turrets so they overlap for maximum Damage while still keeping the enemy close.
- Predict where they are going to run and through your Xplodium Charge
- Keep Auto-hitting all the time
- For chasing: use your Turrets to slow and damage them.

The way Gazlowe brawls makes him good at fights that are over a location like the Sky Temple or the Curse.

Big Question: Why Regeneration Master?!
Its quite easy, it gives you a stacking, late game viable Regeneration Boost that eases "Jungling/Mercing" while making you able to solo a lot on the map. The fact that each mercenary camp gives you a pearl makes this so sweet.
Funny fact, if you farm enough you can solo their base if you place your Turrets on Cooldown as you regenerate to much HP. On the Gardenterror map you can fight the big Gardenterror and the 3 small ones at the same time saving some kill time, which leads to the last tip:

Always know where the enemy is and don't to always try to stick with your team and Teamfight. Gazlowe sucks at Teamfights before Level 20. If you know what you are doing, do your thing and push/merc!
(it might sound strange, but I have won matches where everybody was hitting their heads together while I had a bot wave of Boss + 2 mercenary camps...)

Well, a little advice to cheese some maps: If the map objectives start the mercenary camps disappear. Which means that you can, before Spider and stuff get activated/spawn, start a mercenary or, best situation, a Boss camp. This leads to lanes where you have Spiderqueen + Boss pushing together, forcing the enemy to react while you solo, letting your Turrets tank the Towers, another base.

Outro Top

This is my first guide and my way to play, if you got any questions just ask me or start a discussion below. =)
Have fun playing,

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