Gazlowe - The Split God by cynicalsinner91

Gazlowe - The Split God

By: cynicalsinner91
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2016
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Who am I? Top

Hello everyone my name is CynicalSinner91 and I'm just as god awful as you would think of a typical Silver would be. But I can say over the last 5 years I have put a lot of time into mobas, league mainly, gaining a bit a game sense when it comes to moba and dabbling in the rank climbs as well, and after switching to Hots I have noticed there seems to be a huge lack of game sense among the community, at least compared to DoTA 2 and LoL but this isn't a complain but more of a heads up, and with the man of the hour Gazlowe and his split put meta you can exploit this for freelo.

Build Top

This may look as a normal turret build for Gazlowe but let me explain to you how you can use this to not only troll your enemies but carry all the people you play with as well.

Level 1 - You only have one option that makes sense and gives you the best stats over all, Scrap-o-matic Smelter gives you additional mana back per scrap metal meaning more mana = more turrets = more win

Level 4 - There are two usable talents, first and best imo Clockwerk Steam Fist it increases the turrets duration and after getting 600 autos off with turrets it reduces its recharge timer. The other being reduce, reuse, recycle which gives minions a 15% chance to drop a scrap metal. This one is ok if you feel like you might get mana starved but the longer turrets are better by far

Level 7 - Rock-it! Turret XL is the only good choice, it makes your turrets hit three targets instead of one. Meaning better zoning, farming, camp clearing, and sieging

Level 10 - Only choice here is the Robo-Goblin, the other one is okish in a huge CC comp but honestly for split pushing Robo-Goblin is unmatched. 200% Auto attack damage to non heroes. Making it easier to kill minons, camps, and structures, this ult cost no mana and is on a .5 second cooldown meaning you can spam it and do tons of damage.

Level 13 - Rocket Storage is the only good option, increases the charge amount from 2 to 3

Level 16 - Superior Schismatics is the only good option here as well, increases turrets damage by 25% when you are within their attack range.

Level 20 - This one is your choice, But the only two that will help are Mecha-Lord, lets you deal 200% to heroes as well or It's raining scrap, creates five scrap near you over five seconds. Mecha-Lord is usually my pick because it gives gazlowe a bit of dueling potential and nothing is better then smacking an overconfident squishy.

Gameplay and tips Top

Level 1 - 9

This is the weakest Gazlowe is going to be, he can still fight, take camps, and push but it is really weak compared to how he is post 9. The biggest thing here is try to shove your enemy out of lane by pecking at them and making them burn their well early on so they have to back or die to you. Once you know they are not in lane shove into tower and lay turrets using E to stun up coming waves.

Level 10+

And now the real fun begins, so lets say you did decent before you, you should have 5k+ xp contributed by now easily, and hopefully a level advantage too. With your R you want to do like before push down their waves, harass them, go take a camp now placing 1 turret E then R everything to death. You will begin to see your snowballing pretty hard if the enemy team leaves you in lane while they hunt for picks, camps, or objectives.


When under a tower, pop a turret and towers will aggro it
Use minion waves to hide turrets
After level 10 you can solo all games besides boss

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