Gilneas WILL Rise Again! by PerfectH

Gilneas WILL Rise Again!

By: PerfectH
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016
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Build: Fast and Furrious

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"Greymane, the Lord of the Worgen, is a ranged (human form) and melee (worgen form) assassin hero from the Warcraft universe. In light of the many tragedies that befell the people of Gilneas, Genn Greymane embraces his inner beast. He employs his bestial fervor and human tenacity in tandem to ensure the safety of the Alliance, rather than succumbing to the worgen curse." -HeroesWiki

Greymane is labelled as "hard" to play as, but I felt from the start he was quite easy. A few rules of thumb to go by:

*Greymane is NOT a tank. He is very squish.
*Stay in human form when laning if possible.
*You should only switch to worgen form when you are absolutely certain you can land a kill and get out safely.
*Greymane has no healing abilities whatsoever. This is why laning in human form is so important.
*Use Go for the Throat on enemies whom have less than half health. Not required, but helps guarantee a kill, plus resets the cooldown for 10 seconds, allowing you to possibly land a second kill. Remember you are squishy, don't get greedy.

This guide is a quick reference guide for now. More details and strategies will come soon.

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