Gravity / Frost gazlowe ( Team fight ) by nehalion

Gravity / Frost gazlowe ( Team fight )

By: nehalion
Last Updated: Aug 18, 2015
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Build: CC / Team fight

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Hello little guys Top

I made this little guide because I wanted to show a gameplay that I dont see normally.
Most of them are pushing gazlowe that aren't usefull when team fight start.

Gazlowe has quite a good amount of soft CC and hard CC. He is a powerfull kitter and can deal a big amount of damage from a safe distance.

I am not an expert of the game and english isn't my first language

Choice of talents Top

Tier 1 : Scrap-o-Matic Smelter I take this talent so I can move any of my turret at the cost of 0 mana, since the turret itself cost 60 mana and scraping them return 60 mana. Help me stay in lane for a longer period

Tier 4 : Goblin Fusion This talent, along with EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper and Hyperfocus Coils help you remove a good amount of hp to a whole team or finish off a running target

Tier 7 : Engine Gunk This is our subtain and kiting tool, it's slow and help us positionning our Deth Lazor

Tier 10 : Grav-O-Bomb 3000 This ultimate with Xplodium Charge can AoE stun a whole team and change the course of a match

Tier 13 : EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper This add a slow to our main nuke and can be used against tower / minion camps to freeze them and making them unable to act

Tier 16 : Hyperfocus Coils Without this talent you will have a hard time landing your Deth Lazor

Tier 20 : Miniature Black Hole Upgrade your ultimate and make the combo easier to land

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