Greymane guide (Post-nerf) by Jurdor

Greymane guide (Post-nerf)

By: Jurdor
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016
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Build: Poke then Leap

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Threats to Greymane with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Chromie She has low health, Greymane is pretty mobile so he can also avoid Dragons Breath and Sand blast.
Gul'dan Gul'dan will often use Life Tap (get mana for the price of his health) which is very good for Greymane, any dmg already done to the target is half the job done. Also he uses Drain Life which roots him in place for the duration, and that is fantastic. Also he has an ulti which roots him in place for 7 seconds.
Valla Low health, not a lot of ways to escape from Greymane
Jaina Again, low health, however high damage, so take care
Falstad Him, Li-ming and Jaina all have low health but high damage
Li-Ming Once again, low health, high damage, but will proboably retreat once attacked by Greymane, like Falstad and Jaina
  No Threat
Nova You will have problems managing to hit her with Gilnean Cocktail, but if you do, she is revealed, ez kill.
  No Threat
Zeratul Same with Nova, but a tab bit more health and a great escape way.
Kael'thas Has stun, can do a lot of damage, but relativley low health, take care
Gazlowe If Greymane wants to attack Glazlowe, he needs to take out his turrets first, because they can do a sh*t load of damage (Greymane strong side isnt really his health).
Rexxar He can stun with Misha, then use the eagle to slow Greymane. Remember, Greymane withought high mobility is just meh.
The Butcher Has a sure stun, unlike Kael'thas which can miss his stun
Li Li She can blind, remember that Greymane can output a massive amount of damage, but almost all of it is pure raw damage.
Muradin Has stun, and can have high health
Xul His root is absolutley devastating against Greymane

Greymane's cons and pros Top


+Excelent burst damage
+Can chase down targets pretty easily
+Decent mobility
+Very good wave clearing
+Excelent abilities and attack on the subject of poking
+Very good 1v1


-Relativley low health for such an agressive playstile
-Very vounrable to stuns and roots
-Worgen form has a somewhat ok escape way, but the Human form almost doesnt
-If Gilnean Cocktail used too much in the beginning of the game, will run out of mana
-No CC

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