Greymane Worgen and Human (balanced playstyle build) by DynamicYM

Greymane Worgen and Human (balanced playstyle build)

By: DynamicYM
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016
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Build: Greymane Worgen and Human (balanced...

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Talent 1 Viciousness is a must, this talent should be picked no matter what build you go

Talent 2 Thick Skin/ Eyes in the dark are both good, personally I go for Eyes in the dark since disengaging with stealth gets away most of the time

Talent 3 Again another multiple choice, Quicksilver bullet can be a alternative to increase human range to be extremely safe from afar, but i picked incendiary elixir here because it would explode no matter what even if its not on impact, also its quite hard to deal damage to heroes without using that since the frontal damage would be the weakest

Ulitimate Instantaneous ultimate ability unlike the Marked for the kill since MFTK has a really low width and hard to hit, recommend this ulti most of the time

Talent 5 On the prowl here combos with viciousness, I find myself running quite fast and useful at times so this is a must too

Talent 6 Concentrated Blast/ Alpha Killer are both as good so I wouldn't debate to say which is better, I chose Concentrated Blast to go with the talent Incendiary Elixir.

Feedback can be written below so ya'll and give me some ideas of what to put here =D,

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