Guardian of Heroes by Groovejet

Guardian of Heroes

By: Groovejet
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016
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This guild allows Medivh to have optimal up-time with healthy mana regen and flight speed. Adequate scouting with Bird's Eye View. Arcane Explosion punishes heroes that attack quickly, often and when clutch attacking when under threat of death.

Late game talents are to your taste, I find Ley Line Seal more impactful than Polybomb and greatly prefer it but it is up to you. Reabsorption punishes heroes that go full HAM like Jaina or Kael and under good circumstance can fully heal the protected ally which is a big boon.

Level 20 talents are to your taste again. Medivh cheats is ok at best. Take Guardian of Tirisfal if your enemy has hard lane push and you need to recover from level disadvantage on large maps. Arcane Brilliance if there are big team fights and you have some mages or Sonya. Invisibility is fun and good for engagements if you have something like Diablo/Sonya, just imagine the Lord of Terror being invisible!

Ideally Medivh is fairly out-of-the-way when it comes to team fights, your shield range is large and you can quickly poke with Q if needed, not taking the manual placement of portals does restrict your flexiblity some but the controls can be cumbersome and if you're in a good position yourself then a portal coming back to you should be sufficient.

Polybomb is popular but it rarely results in a high-value play, Ley Line can set up plays and cut off fleeing enemies and it is much harder to avoid than polybomb so that is why I prefer it.

learn to predict when your enemies are about to use high damage abilities and you'll quickly become a highly effective Protector of your allies and even contribute some half decent healing.

Heroes like Tracer can cause you trouble but you can also poke her down/shield when she gets close, otherwise there aren't many huge threats to Medivh since his abilities (shield and portal) are universal in their utility.

With this build on average I get 4-5 kills, top assists, 0-3 deaths ~30k+ hero damage and ~30k support siege damage can spike at level 20 with the right talent.

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