Hanzo auto/q build by RythmMixer

Hanzo auto/q build

By: RythmMixer
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2018
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Build: Hanzo auto/q build

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Basic usage Top

This build focuses on reducing the armor of enemy heroes and wave clear.
Using Hanzo’s q with explosive arrowheads and piercing arrows makes for excellent wave clear
Try and aim for enemy heroes as the explosion of his q won’t reduce their armor but using the redemption talent you can quickly reduce their armor and when they’re low and trying to escape stun them with your r.
Hanzo’s mounted archery talent allows for quick escapes from busy situations just make sure you’re near a wall.
Hanzo’s play of the game talent allows him to travel all over the map and heroes hit by his dragon arrow get dealt extra damage when Hanzo teleports to his arrow setting up a real play of the game
I hope this help y’all play Hanzo a bit better and I hope you enjoy my build have fun playing hots ^^

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