[HiCokynTV] Valla Burst CD Multishot+autocrit by HiCokynTV

[HiCokynTV] Valla Burst CD Multishot+autocrit

By: HiCokynTV
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2015
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Who I'm Top

Hi all,

I was a streamer on Diablo 3 - Hearthstone. I'll stream soon again ! stay tuned!
I play HOTS since closed alpha but not directly as a hardgamer.

I was an excellent Healer on WoW-Illidan(eu/fr) as Cokyn or Mhya (Pal & Druid


It's my first guide, i make it simply, because I think the most important is the gameplay, that you need improve.
But I can give tips, and this build is really good to make wins if you like "adc carry".

You will find me on :


Pro/cons Top

pro :
- Burst
- clean waves
- auto-attack up by cd/giant killer

cons :

- no sustain
- no kitting

how plays and for who Top

- not for beginners in MOBA
- hit & run is your life
- the best way to carry vs heroes & vs objectives

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