I kill. I take essence. by arariel23

I kill. I take essence.

By: arariel23
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016
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Build: Brawler / Control Dehaka

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Build discussion (Full gameplay guide coming soon) Top

I spent a good amount of time on the PTR playing around with Dehaka, and thought I'd try my hand at a guide. It's still pretty rough, I know, but I wanted to get at least a basic guide for the build up ASAP.

Brawler / Control Dehaka

This build is focused on Dehaka's ability to control the battlefield through positioning and a very powerful silence in Isolation, as well as using Dark Swarm to move into more advantageous positions. By enhancing his Drag range, which is pretty poor untalented.

Tier 1 - Enhanced Agility

This patch saw a new tweak to gathering talents with a new 'quest' ability. Collect enough, and you gain a permanent benefit. Dehaka has several choices, but for this build, Enhanced Agility is what we're looking for. Dehaka is very slow, and the extra speed boost you get from maxing this out really helps, especially on big maps.

Tier 2 - Hero Stalker / One-Who-Collects

Dehaka is heavily reliant on collecting and maintaining a pool of essence, and you also need essence quickly to get the best return from Enhanced Agility. For this tier, choose whichever option you will be doing more of. For maps like Spider Queen, you'll be spending a lot of time in-lane killing minions, so you'd want to go with One-Who-Collects, for maps or games where you're killing more heroes than minions, Hero Stalker is the way to go.

Tier 3 - Symbiosis

*(situational Talents for this tier will be added soon)

Dehaka's main source of damage is his Dark Swarm ability. In big teamfights, this can completely negate the cooldown completely, giving you a constant AoE around you, and helps you put out more damage to enemy heroes overall.

Tier 4 - Isolation

Isolation lets you call shots a lot more effectively. It effectively removes a target from a team fight, or gives you the perfect ability to gank someone at an objective or from the jungle.

Tier 5 - Situational

This Tier is really situational. You'll usually pick up a movement speed increase, depending on if you're on a map with a lot of bushes/vents or not. If there are a lot of vents and brush, like on Dragon Shrine, Go with Swift Pursuit. That, combined with your level 1 pick Enhanced Agility will let you sprint across a battlefield, weaving in and out of cover really quickly.

If there's not a lot of cover, go with Ferocious Stalker.

If you're facing a lot of stuns, slows, or disables, you might want to pick up Whirling Dervish instead.

Tier 6 - Elongated Tongue / Rapid Regeneration

The range on Drag is short. It's really short. There are going to be a TON of times where you will think you have someone, and you JUST miss with Drag. To fix this, go with Elongated Tongue. If you really don't feel like you've been having problems landing them, or you're facing all melee, OR if you feel like you need a bit of extra healing, pick Rapid Regeneration

Tier 7 - Apex Predator

There's just nothing more fun than being able to be seemingly everywhere on the map. This talent makes Dehaka's Brushstalker feel so satisfying, and gives you fantastic mobility. The decreased cast time also makes it a much more reliable escape, if needed. On maps where simultaneous objectives spawn (Towers of Doom, Sky Temple) it lets you not be lagging far behind the rest of your team as they move from objective to objective.

If you are getting into a lot of very tightly-packed team fights, you could also try playing around with Contagion, but I usually find I miss the benefits from Apex Predator.

In Closing Top

Thanks so much for checking out the build guide. As I said, it's my first attempt, and I kind of decided to post one on a whim after seeing there weren't very many yet. I'll be working on figuring out how to make it all pretty and more readable, as well as adding a more detailed play guide, additional builds for a more solo-tank or no-support role as well.

Hopefully, this guide helped you out, and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments so I can improve it!

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