[Icon=Lunara size= 40][[Lunara]], Master of the Wilds! by loomtime

[Icon=Lunara size= 40][[Lunara]], Master of the Wilds!

By: loomtime
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Build: Surprise! (Burst DPS)

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Threats to Lunara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Thrall Thrall can be easily shut down by Lunara, her poison, slow and high movement speed can easily create a gap that most Thralls wont be able to close.
Nazeebo Zebro will have a hard time against you, your mobility will have him running in circles! poke him down and this witchdoctor wont know what hit him!
Kerrigan The Kerrigan combo is a threat, but your larger movement range does help heavily counter this hero.
Muradin Muradin's stun can sometimes put you between a rock and a hard place, but if you keep this dwarf at range, dodge his stuns, then you can begin to chip away at this brick wall
Falstad His damage is good, but if you get the drop on Falstad, you will easily clip this heroes wings.
Sonya Sonya's self heal can be a hassle but if you can keep her at range, she will fall just like the rest!
Tassadar His shield can be annoying, but your poke and greater attack speed can take him down!
Illidan A lot of your Damage comes from auto-attacks so his evasion can really screw your damage, also Illidan is the master of chase, your mobility wont help you against this hero.
Valla Valla has a pretty dangerous burst, so if she gets the drop on you run for your life!
Artanis he might not seem like the biggest threat, but with his shield, and large health pool, he can easily shred your health to pieces.
Nova the only reason Nova isnt as big a threat as Zeratul, is she has some skill shots your large strides you can easily dodge with some staggered random movement. But that doesnt mean this hero isn't a threat if she takes you by surprise.
Jaina Jaina is dangerous! mobility and speed is your friend, Jaina easily takes that away.
Kael'thas KT has an insane burst, the main threat is his knock up, if he stuns you, likelihood is you wont be coming out of that encounter alive.
Zeratul With little option to get heroes out of stealth, a sneaky Zeratul can really ruin your game.

Lunara From Dryad to Try'ard Top

The main strength of Lunara is knowing her weaknesses, she is an incredibly strong solo fighter, she can go toe to toe with the best of em, using her Noxious Blossom to poke at range, along with her auto attack to apply stacks of her poison, then peace out and let your ticking damage do some work.

First things first, I guess I should cover her abilities.

Noxious Blossom Her Q Ability: This Flower has a quick erupt time, so if you need to lead a target you can so quite easily, with 0.5 seconds before it explodes this leaves very little time for an enemy to react, almost guaranteeing a hit, This ability also applies one stack of your Nature's Toxin (your poison overtime effect)

Crippling Spores Her W Ability: This ability effects all targets with you Nature's Toxin so the more Poisoned targets the better! This spore has a vicious slow effect, severely reducing the target(s) movement speed, also to note this also adds an aditional stack of Nature's Toxin as well as increasing its duration.

Wisp Her E Ability: This ability is truly what makes this Assassin quite unique, giving her vision of a targeted location of the map until the Wisp expires or is destroyed! (note the wisp does only have 1 HP so is immediately destroyed by any form of damage, and has no attack what so ever) This allows Lunara To play much more aggressively as he can see incoming attackers easier, and her mobility helps her flee would be gankers. (p.s. the Wisp Can be relocated before it expires with the E key on a short cooldown)

Thornwood Vine Her First Heroic Ability!: Launch a barrage of vines at your target, this ability is a quick moving, line skill shot. that will apply one stack of Nature's Toxin to all targets it travels through, as well as deal moderate damage. (note this ability has three charges each on a 15 second cooldown allowing this ability to easily be spammed)

Leaping Strike Her Second Heroic Ability!: Prancing has never looked so cool, you leap over your target dealing high damage, applying one stack of Nature's Toxin and slowing them for 80% of their movement speed for 0.35 seconds, this ability can truly help your positioning, to both help you pursue fleeing attackers, or to retreat yourself. The only reason i deem Thornwood Vine a better talent pick is due to it having more usable situations than Leaping Strike (Using this ability at the wrong time can hurt you more than help you!)

Nature's Toxin Trait: This is Lunara's Passive ability, a damage over time poison effect that stacks up to three times having every application increase the duration by 3 seconds (up to a maximum of 9 seconds) This poison can chunk away a lot your enemies health as long as you maintain three stacks of it at all times.

Dryad's Swiftness Passive: Lunara does not have a mount instead she has a base increase to her movement speed by 20% but also she takes much larger strides than most characters, allowing her to dodge a handful of skill shots that would normally catch out most heroes.

This Character holds a lot of depth to her abilities, knowing when to strike and when to stay on the back line is half the battle, she has an incredibly low health pool so you can be burst down very quickly!

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