Illidan not so Betrayer ? by mimzi1

Illidan not so Betrayer ?

By: mimzi1
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015
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Introduction Top

Hello everyone my name is MyLife4aiur on . Today im bringing you a guide for Illidan. I've been playing him since i got my alpha invite and i got to say he's one of the best heroes to play whit because of all the situational options you can use .

Pros/Cons Top

[*] Great Assassin
[*] Amazing survivability
[*] Deadly if well played

[*] Very vulnerable early game
[*] Takes time to master him

Abilities Top

!Q: Dive is the first Ability on your board . Good skill if you want to reach ranged enemies and always good to use if you need to escape from an opponent . You can use Dive on pretty much any structure ingame so use it well!

!W: Sweeping Strike is the second ability on your board. Great Escape skill First and foremost then a decent aoe for killing minions fast or bruiser camps. You can use Sweeping Strike to get out of tricky positions when battling an opponent.

!E : Evasion is the third ability and the most important on your board. A skill like no other at the moment allows you to dodge pretty much anything for the next 3 seconds .... we are talking Siege damages , Player damages , Minions damages etc ... Evasion is the ability you should always have on cooldown no matter what is going on . If it's not on Cd well don't go far wondering why you died so fast .

!Trait : Betrayer's Thirst will be the last ability on your board when you start a game . A great passive as the game goes on specialy combined with Metamorphosis .

Talents Top

Remember that Illidan is an assassin so therefore we are playing a character that will roam a lot . First Talent I've chose was Shadow shield enables us to "early" poke without having to be scared I'll add that Illidan has a small health pool at the start so play your own style . I will show different ways to poke later on . When you are fighting mobs or players remember to always have Evasion up and running it's your bread and butter.

The second talent which I like a lot as to be .Immolation allows us to farm faster and poke enemies we arent targeting.Again the damage of Immolation is combined to a getaway ability which is Sweeping Strike so use it safely . I will mostly use it at the start of an encounter and then i know the Cooldown will be back in about 6 sec then use it to flee if my health is low .

The third talent I've chosen is . First aid is a must for Illidan since we are roaming around and we do not have a Constant gameplay. Our objective with First aid is to go for a gank or doing a team fight knowing we will have and exit door or a "Buffer" fighting an opponent.

The Fourth talent the one that will make you the Demon on the field . Metamorphosis is the talent that will make you a real plague in the eyes of your enemies. First we go back to talent 1 which we took for damage reduction then we took talent 2 Immolation then we took talent 3 First aid . You might ask yourself "when should I use Metamorphosis ?" the answer is easy ... Can i get a kill > yes > Do it ....We got a runner ? >yes > Use it ...Am I about to die ? >yes > use it behind a wall or somewhere you can run aways. Like i said earlier our Talents/Abilities are really situational so do what you feel is the right thing . Don't worry you will feel it .

The Fifth talent which really helps for the ganking and boss fights .Sixth Sense one of the "addon" for our evasion tree is really helpful when it comes to team fights specially if you have a lot of aoe damage throughout the fight. On the other hand its helpful for 1v1 or 1v2 because our built is all about avoiding damage and giving them a good beating.Thirdly I would say its good for Bosses,Bruisers etc...

The Sixth talent That i love so much . Blood for blood his just another overpowered ability for Illidan . Being late game already and your team should be at least on a killing spree if not more which means your can start destroying any hero on the field . Blood for Blood should be used as an execution when your target is fleeing or your team is on route for the kill.

The Seventh talent The final piece to the puzzle .Demonic Form the talent that will make you the Hero of storm = 20 kills 0 deaths should be use right away when you get it so the damage is maximise for your next opponent. On top of that while remaining in demonic form we do get a lot of attack speed which result in more incoming healing . Remember that if you have it on cooldown and you are in a situation when you should flee use it .

To be continued... Top

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