Illidan - wraith of terror by trakkbomba

Illidan - wraith of terror

By: trakkbomba
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2015
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Build: Fast attack Illidan

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Threats to Illidan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Nova Laugh! Catch her stealth shadow with sweeping strike. Evade her triple tap ultimate with Metamorphosis. She has no way to escape you!
Gazlowe Too slow! Just escape his bomb.
Tassadar tasty guy! not a lot of life and mobility, not enough output damages.
Sonya ho ho ho, you expected to hurt me ? do the classic dive + attack + evade + sweep and look at his life bar
Chen High life, so take a while to kill but not a treat
Kerrigan A good assasin, but not enough life and fastness for Illidan!
Diablo Damn what a gift for Illidan's life! Just take distance if he breath fire.
Tychus Take care of his ultimate laser.
Zeratul Not really a treat. He may kill you by surprise if you're really low life but you can easily escape him using sweeping strike, evasion and metamorphosis. In a 1vs1 full life you will easily kill him from level 7.
Leoric escape his drain life with sweeping strike and come back to kick his dead ass!
E.T.C. His stuns are deadly for Illidan, but alone he's not a threat
The Butcher Strong attack, useless with your evasion. Take care of him quickly. Escape if he mark you or use his ultimates. Charge is not a problem, you can easily espace that slow meat.
Raynor Not a treat, but don't try to kill him when he's a the middle of enemies, his trait to regain life quickly may lead you to death.
Sgt. Hammer look at your feet, the circle is here to tell you you'll take heavy hits. Attack her with sweeping strike + dive + evasion. She will try to escape immediatly, but you run faster than her
Malfurion don't be caught by his roots
Anub'arak He stun a lot and escape well but he's easily afraid of your output damages!
Nazeebo not so strong for Illidan but be careful to your life because of his poison!
Rehgar Damn, he run fast and heal his comrades or himself very well! Be careful of his slow totems.
Zagara Big threat at the beginning because of her bugs and good abilities are terrible for your low life early game.
Kael'thas Not a problem except his wind that block you too much time for a low in life Illidan
Uther Stuns too often. Kill him as fast as possible if he's low life or stay far enough to not be stunned.
Rexxar didn't fight a lot against him but the 2vs1 is not a good plan for Illidan. Kill his master first.
Abathur Be careful of his spikes! It hurts you more than you believe.
Jaina Noisy trait that slow you! Kill her if she's isolated or surrouded. Otherelse don't be caught by her abilities.
Arthas Too much tanky, and damned AoE and ice storm!
Muradin Stuns, slow your attack speed and a lot of life! Attack him only if you're not alone and you're sure to kill
Falstad He's stronger than you to evade and have great output damages! You'll not be able to catch him easily. Don't pursue him.

Introduction Top

Illidan is a very strong and weak character. Smartly used he could be the nightmare of an entire team. Bad used, he will definitively run you to the defeat.
I often died when I began to use Illidan, but for now, I kill plenty more than I die with this combination of talents! He became for me the master of 1vs1. Even zeratul or the butcher can't resist and escape you !

Illidan's way of life Top

Illidan is the weakest close combat warrior. He has very low life, so you need to be careful. Never engage when you're alone. Try always to move and never be stunned. When you're low in life, run! run!
Illidan is one of the faster engage disengage hero. With you engage from a distance and with you can disengage quickly.
With evasion and first aid you'll stay a while in fight. And if you're targetted by Nova's ultimate or other tagetting ability, use your demonic ultimate to evade !
My favorite combo is Dive to engage from a distance, then hit one time with auto attack and bonus granted by , then sweep and auto attack with the 35% damage bonus granted by . If your target try to escape, just dive again and finish him!

lvl 1 to 6 Top

At the beginning and until you get , you are extremely weak, do not take risks because your death will give xp to the enemy team.
Go on lane with another teammate and kill minions. Often use , it grant's you a shield thanks to and 2 precious seconds without taking hits.
With his trait you'll get back some substantial life points and your abilities reload faster when you hit something thanks to high hit speed of Illidan.
Only engage enemy heroes when your comrades are in fight. Use dive to engage and sweeping strike to get back to your teammates.
Do not pursue them to the towers, you're pretty sure to die.
At level 4 take talent, it grant you extra damage to your target.

lvl 7 to 15 Top

Once you get you can stay longer out of range of the life pool, and you can get mercenary alone. Just engage using dive , activate evasion and begin to fight. Use Evasion as often as you can. And activate first aid when you're at middle life. Siege mercenary is not a problem, other will be harder but can be done (expect boss, don't hope to do it alone).
At lvl 10 I take Metamorphosis , it greatly increase Illidan's attack speed and so ability cooldowns. It's also helpful to escape when you're surrounded. I often use evade + metamorphosis + sweeping strike to get some distance between me and enemy heroes. It could save your life many times!
I don't choose the hunt because if you run to any far hero, be sure you'll be dead just after.
At lvl 13, take giant killer , it give you the little bit more damage that permit you to be sure to kill!!!

lvl 16 to 19 Top

Nice, now you're prepared to kill. Don't let them escape! With second sweep you'll move faster! If any hero try to escape, just sweep , dive , attack and sweep again . Your enemy will cry a lot and hate you!
You may also escape faster and be safe easily with that talent. In addition to metamorphosis who teleport you to a distance, it allow to escape far away and come back as fast.

lvl 20+ Top

Prepare to master the map. With , you'll permanently attack 30% faster, and reduce your cooldowns by the same amount of time. Incredible. Your opponents will never catch you because you'll jump everywhere!!! bonus, you can use again your heroic ability even in demon form. So you can teleport and make area of damage to begin a fight or catch a coward.
According to me, is far better than and because it has the same use than the both of them. Demonic form give you 30% attack speed, and so 30% more damage done, more than 20% damage, and teleport? Why to choose it... you're heroic ability do it as well and you could replay it many times because you'll fight a lot!
And the extra bonus is the 50% reduction of disabling effects! Don't be afraid to be stunned anymore!
DO not forget to use all your abilities, and first aid first, in that demonic form, their cooldown will be extremely reduced and you'll stay in fight for a while!

Have fun!

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