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In & Out Assassin - Tracer

By: Nopple
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016
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Build: In & Out Assassin - Tracer

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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Abathur can be dangerous when he using on top of someone but if you can find him on his own, he is an easy pick off.
  No Threat
Nova Nova can get picked off due to her low health but be careful you don't get caught by snipe, otherwise you could be dealt the bad hand.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tracer Other Tracer's can be quite pesky so try not to engage on them unless you are sure you have an advantage over them.
Illidan Illidan has the capability to negate a lot of your basic attack damage and is one of the best gap closing heroes so be careful of your health when he is around.
Falstad Due to Falstad's amazing burst capabilities, he is able to kill you very fast so make sure not to be caught off guard. He can be killed if you can bait out his dash and dodge his burst.
Dehaka Dehaka can be dangerous if he drags you or gets his silence off on you because it disables your escapes, try not be alone if he is around.
  No Threat
Sylvanas Mind control is SUPER deadly against you. If she can cast this on you and her team is around you, are almost guaranteed to die because of you being super squishy. Only engage Sylvanas if she has already used it or hasn't picked it.
Li-Ming Li-Ming is a hero that requires a lot of precision so if you can use your abilities correctly you can outplay her, although, she does an immense amount of burst damage and if she catches you alone, there is an extremely low chance you will survive.

Introduction Top

Hello, I am Nopple and this build will be on Tracer, it will going along with a video released on my YouTube channel (

Tracer is an agile, ranged assassin who excels in be able to dash in and out of fights to get pick offs on the enemy team, just like in Overwatch! She has a low health pool and can die very quickly if not enough attention is being payed to your positioning. Her ability "Recall" allows for her to go back to a position she was in which is what a main focus of this build is about, allowing her to get out of sticky situations.

Blink Top

Blink is a Tracer's first ability and allows for a short range teleport, it can have up to three charges (five if skilled into, which we don't in this build) and each charge has a six second cooldown. Use blink to chase or escape enemy heroes but always try to keep one charge free if chasing someone incase you need to back out or dodge a projectile. The only trait we take for Blink is "Bullet Time" , this will reduce the cooldown of a charge by 0.1 seconds per shot, which is a total of 2 seconds per magazine/reload. Due to Tracer being able to rune and shoot this trait is amazing as it will let you Blink more often but keep damage on fleeing or pursing enemy heroes.

Melee Top

Melee is Tracer's second ability and is a way to get the finishing blow on enemies or just burst them down faster. When activated Tracer will punch the closet enemy to her, prioritizing heroes if they are within range to deal a decent amount of burst damage. This is a very short range ability so you have to be right in your enemies faces to use it properly. Whilst there are some options you can chose to buff the "Melee" ability this build does not use any. You must be very careful when attempting to use "Melee" as it can get you killed due to you having to be right next to your enemy and you lack a lot of health.

Recall Top

Recall is Tracer's third ability and is the bread and butter of this build. Use recall to dive into and opponent and then escape quickly to avoid a pursuit from the enemy team. Whilst it does not give you your health back it does allow you to create a gap between you and the enemy and we can increase this gap with your first trait selection, "Slipstream" . This will reduce the cooldown by four seconds so you can use it more often and increase the amount of time re-winded by one second (from three to four seconds). To make this ability extremely strong we pick up "Total Recall" as our level 20 trait so we can restore the health we lost during the time that has been re-winded. This trait has great synergy with "Slipstream" because there will be a larger window of time that our health can be restored. Be aware of the cooldown though as it is quite large and you will have to pick your fights carefully as you will alony be able to "Recall" out of a situation every so often. Also if timed correctly, you can dodge the damage done by an enemy Tracer's "Pulse Bomb" ; you need to activate "Recall" just before the bomb explodes and you will not take any damage during the second you are recalling.

Pulse Bomb Top

Pulse Bomb is Tracer's only ultimate ability but, is unlocked at level one. Due to it being available at the start of the game you need to capitalize on your advantage over the enemy team. It charges off of damage dealt so make sure you are attacking something at all possible times until it is fully charged and ready to be used. It can be stuck to an enemy if you land the skillshot on them but can also just be placed on the ground. It will deal a large amount of damage to the person who is stuck and moderate damage to anyone other enemies in the AoE of it. The only trait we will get to upgrade out ultimate is at level 10 and that is "Pulse Rounds" . "Pulse Rounds" will allow our ultimate to be charged faster and give it a little extra range to the throw allowing you to keep some distance from the enemy. Pulse Bomb's damage is quite significant and is a great tool to use to get quick pick-off's on enemy squishy's without too much risk of dying.

Other Traits & Information Top

Tips for the other traits chosen:

- Untouchable
Untouchable is the second trait chosen and will add to your maximum damage capability. It will increase your basic attack damage for every take-down you are involved in (kill or assist) up to 30% increase. Be careful as to what fights you are involved in though, as all stacks will be lost upon death.

- Leeching Rounds
Leaching Rounds is the fifth trait we pick up and is applied to our basic attacks. This trait will cause you basic attacks to heal you when you are damaging an enemy hero. I found this trait to increase your low survivability and will keep you alive when you are running from an enemy (remember you can shoot and run at the same time, so take advantage of this!)

- Locked and Loaded
Locked and Loaded is the second last trait you will be picking and will increase your damage dramatically. This trait will require some training for how to use it correctly but is well worth it. If you are having a hard time being effective with it though, "Sleight of Hand" is a solid second option and require no extra concentration to use other than playing the game.

This is my first guide/build for HotS and I hope it helps you. There will be a video on my YouTube channel ( for a visual guide for Tracer so make sure to check that out for a better understanding. Any feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you have any suggestions I should add to the guide/build make sure to leave a comment and if I think it is useful I will add it and give you credit for your contributions.

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