Increase your win-rate as Rehgar. by Sucrose

Increase your win-rate as Rehgar.

By: Sucrose
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017
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Level 1:
Yes Lightning Bond
Without a doubt, the best talent in this tier for our furry friend. This particular talent, allows you to quickly clear some mercenary camps, the instant they appear. Let me break-down, the process of doing mercenary camps: Firstly, as you approach your intended mercenary camp make sure you're in Ghost Wolf so you can strike for bonus damage even before they start attacking you. Next, go ahead & cast: Earthbind Totem, right next to your feet. Lastly, you will be casting the ability: Lightning Shield on the totem that you just placed on the ground. Additionally, you should keep activating Ghost Wolf, to periodically damage your target and chunk away at their health points. Also, if you have a friendly melee hero, who decides to help you with getting camps, use the basic ability: Lightning Shield on them to avoid wasting mana on your totem. I highly recommend, you pick up this talent fairly quickly into the match as this is a talent you do not want to forget. Although, it is not an absolute necessity to pick up this talent, in order to complete camps, it certainly goes a long way in helping.

No Wolf Run
A sub-par talent that is barely influential and could only be truly beneficial in certain situations or maps. Although, you might think, the movement speed increase is really good to own, but you would be wrong. One of the many negatives of this talent is that it completely falls short, if you are stationary, which, will be the situation most of the time. This is because you have very little survivability you should not be constantly walking into the open from lane to lane, unless you are accompanied by a teammate, which, would be wasteful. This talent used to be popular in the past but now its countered because of heroes like Lúcio and his movement speed boosts that can outrun you.

No Colossal Totem
Unfortunately, it doesn't require much damage from the enemy, to destroy your placed Earthbind Totem. With this in mind, it is not wise to invest a talent point into this option. I recommend, grabbing another talent. Although, this is his only slow, its simple to just walk away from the totem beyond its proximity. Unless, your team has reliable abilities that can lock-down the enemy for a long period of time, I don't recommend, picking this talent. Overall, many aspects of this talent are mediocre. If the talent ever becomes good in the competitive scene, you can be sure I will do reports on it.

No Electric Charge
The only possible scenario, you would consider this talent, is if a Arthas is present and he's aware of this talent and actively makes sure to stick to enemies. The increase in radius is barely noticeable & most of the time, the basic range of your ability: Lightning Shield should reach enemies. Lastly, you cannot foresee the erratic movements of enemy heroes, therefore, the damage from this shield, might hit absolutely no one. If I were you, I would look into picking up another talent. In terms of upgrading this shield ability, this is the worst possible option. In general, we're disregarding this talent as a viable option, because one of the big factors for this is that it doesn't work with Lightning Bond and its duplicating of the same shield.

Level 4:
Yes Feral Heart
Uniformly accepted, as the most optimal mana regeneration talent at this tier, for our fellow orc shaman. Allowing you to stay in lane, without, the need to teleport back to base, to replenish your mana & health. Having yourself excluded from needing healing or worry about your own health is superb, you can now focus on aiding your allies, instead. Both the presence of mind & the constant flow of mana, this talent provides, makes it a highly top tier talent pick. The only downside, is having to play conservatively when you have little to no mana and hang in the back line in Ghost Wolf until it replenishes. As Rehgar, it's of paramount importance that you maintain Ghost Wolf if you have nothing else to do.

No Spiritwalker's Grace
In general, Rehgar does not have immense mana problems, simply pay close attention to your remaining mana & use it wisely. As its written in the tool-tip of this talent, it ONLY reduces the mana of your Chain Heal the other abilities are left in the dust. Not to mention, the amount of mana it saves, is very little. The ability: Chain Heal, has its own set of unique problems that I go into in the ability section, that solidifies my decision for not taking this talent. Overall, this talent is lackluster compared to other options in this tier.

Situational Healing Totem
At the moment, this talent is very popular in the meta, when you have 2 heroes on your team that have large health pools, ex: Muradin/ Diablo. If you fall in the scenario, where you have 2 tanks & Sonya take this talent. The current state of the meta, favors greatly two tanks, so many might argue, this is the best talent. However, the placed totem on the ground is easy to destroy, since it has 1health point. Also, it can get eliminated by area of effect abilities. The stress and precision required to use this properly is not worth it. Most players, place it in the back line so it can heal freely, without being destroyed. However, it forces the tanks of the team to retreat so they get healed, which is not ideal. Lastly, by taking this talent you are revealing to the enemy, that you don't have nay reliable source of mana regeneration and they can abuse this. I will argue, its also not worth getting accustomed to pick this talent just to switch talents when your team doesn't have 2 tanks in the next game. You can take a look at the chart below, to see when to pick up, this talent:

No Stormcaller
Most of the time, your basic ability: Lightning Shield will not be hitting and damaging enemies that much. With, most opponent smart enough not to stand next to a target that has a shield on them or simply move away from that target. In terms of upgrading this shield ability, this is not the best. The long cooldown of your shield, will greatly stagger your mana regeneration. There are better alternative out there, when it comes to mana regeneration. I do not recommend, picking up this talent. If I were you, I would look into selecting another talent. Overall, many aspects of this talent are mediocre. If the talent ever becomes good in the competitive scene, you can be sure I will do reports on it.

Level 7:
Yes Cleanse
The core essence of what is considered to be an effective and useful healer for your group. Casting this can be the difference between a dead hero and an alive ally. The terminology: "Unstoppable" means the hero you cast this on cannot be stopped from moving. Typically, you should use this on teammates affected by long lasting movement impairing effect, for example: Graviton Surge, Mind Control, Horrify etc... Almost every hero in the game has some sort of ability to slow or stun someone. Therefore, you should always look into grabbing this talent to help your allies. There is practically, no scenario where this talent is not useful. Having this in your tool-kit also gives you a sense of security and confidence. Its important to remember this cant be used on YOURSELF. Lastly, I would prioritize casting this on allies who have not used their heroic abilities yet and are about to die. The most important heroic abilities that come to mind are: Sundering and Suppression Pulse, which, greatly changes the tides of a fight. Always keep an eye on the top of your screen at the heroic icons to see what has been used and what hasn't. Being in a voice call with other teammates, can go a long way, as they can tell you if they are about to be eliminated without casting their heroic ability. As more and more heroes are introduced into Heroes of the Storm, players will gravitate towards forming a group of heroes that can stun and slow, solidifying this talents usefulness.

No Blood and Thunder
The stars need to align for this talent to be effective. You would need the most of your abilities on cooldown and force yourself to attack during that specific moment. I must admit, there is a potential scenario, where you take this talent and the talent Tidal Waves at level 13, which, would make your basic ability: Chain Heal a 5 second cooldown. However, by doing so, you severely sabotage your toolkit. I could only suggest this talent, if your team is heavily lacking in damage and asks if you can help in that area or your team is generally tanky and can escape sticky situations. Some experienced players that are very familiar with Reghar and his play-style could get away with this talent, but it is still risky and is a burden on your team.

No Farsight
As the tooltip says, this talent grants you vision of an area and reveals any invisible heroes, for example: Zeratul, Valeera, Samuro. Even though, vision is important in locating the enemy the other half of this talent is thrown out the window, because invisible heroes are not common within the current meta. Although, I said vision is important, as you get more games under your belt, you will learn the approximate whereabouts of the enemy team. I do not recommend selecting this talent option. If this talent ever becomes viable you can be sure I will report on it.

No Totemic Projection
Sadly, the reactivation of the totem has a small range prerequisite that is not ideal and is especially hectic to deal with in a big fight. The extra duration is also useless, since enemies will not stay for long in the slow. As previously mentioned, your basic ability: Earthbind Totem has 1heath point, so it is easily destroyed. Therefore, you shouldn't use your talent point here and save it for something else.

Level 10:
Yes Ancestral Healing
I have a few things to say about this interesting talent. This heroic ability requires a 1 second delay, before it heals. In reality, this heroic ability has a 1.75 second delay, because of the animation sequence it has to go through. During this small amount of time, you cant be interrupted by simple abilities that displace you as it happens with most heroes. When it comes to target you are healing, there is only a few abilities that can prevent your target from getting healed. This includes abilities that "take heroes out of the game" for example: Gorge, Cocoon, Void Prison. Typically, you should prioritize casting this on allies who have not used their heroic abilities yet and are about to die. Always keep an eye on the top of your screen at the heroic icons to see what has been used and what hasn't. Being in a voice call with other teammates, can go a long way, as they can tell you if they are about to be eliminated without casting their heroic ability. Over the past few months, it has gone through, many small nerfs and buffs that do not get mentioned in the patch notes. However, at the current version of the game, I suggest you take this talent.

No Bloodlust
Lately, for the most part, this heroic ability has been tossed in the corner, because Sound Barrier counters it hard. In theory, this could be picked when your team has 2 fast attacking heroes, such as: Valla, Falstad,etc... In other situations, this talent could see the light of day and be useful if you have a Raynor on your team and he synchronizes his Inspire with your heroic ability. Or an E.T.C. that casts Rockstar. However, your allies need to be aware of this aspect and pay attention. Some might argue to grab this talent, if there are two heroes that have a Seasoned Marksman type ability. I disagree, the time it takes for them to complete the quest, even in the best case scenarios is very long. Next, because Bloodlust only last a few seconds, most hero composition would include abilities that lock down enemies for a period of time, for example: Earthquake, Summon Sindragosa, Ring of Frost, etc... The last scenario is using this ability on battle of eternity to attack down the immortal faster. However, you reveal your intentions to the enemy by doing so and you might get heavily engaged on.

Level 13:
Yes Earth Shield
A great ability, which, is instant and can potentially save the life of a fellow hero. Most of the time, you should cast this on a target that will be receiving an Ancestral Healing to assure that your target survives the 1 second it take for the heroic ability to activate and heal. Additionally, this talent is ideal because of the rise in popularity of having two heroes with large health pools in most hero compositions. I highly recommend, you take this talent. At this level, you are now using the basic ability: Lightning Shield to support allies and not cause damage.

No Tidal Waves
A mediocre ability that only sees usefulness if many heroes on your team take damage, which, is unpredictable. This talent falls by the way side if only 1 hero is taking damage and requires healing. As written in the tooltip, it will only reduce the cooldown IF a hero is healed. The only possible scenario this could be optimal is paring it with the talent Blood and Thunder. However, you are doing more harm than good by taking these two talents. I do not suggest, picking up this talent.

No Earthliving Enchant
A very situational talent that heals for very little and does not compare with other talent in this tier. I do not suggest, picking up this talent.

Level 16:
Yes Earthgrasp Totem
We finally get a good opportunity to upgrade your basic ability: Earthbind Totem. This talent allows you and your team to either engage an enemy group or defensively run away from disaster. Typically, try and synchronize this with abilities that take advantage of movement impaired targets, for example: Strafe, Ring of Frost, Sulfuras Smash, etc... The beautiful aspect, of this talent is that its practically a 1 second area of effect stun. This grants you and your team some much needed extra breathing room. I highly, suggest grabbing this for both new player and experienced players of the game.

No Hunger of the Wolf
Unfortunately, this talents only help yourself. I could only suggest this talent, if your team is heavily lacking in damage and asks if you can help in that area. For example, in those rare scenarios where two support heroes are picked.

No Rising Storm
This falls short, because the basic ability: lighting shield only lasts for 8 seconds. So the damage does not ramp up very much, since, you cant predict the erratic movements of enemy heroes, therefore, the damage from the shield might hit no one. It will barely stack up to 6 times before completely disappearing. The previous option for damage output is a much better opportunity.

Level 20:
Yes Storm Shield
As previously stated, the meta is thriving with larges health pool heroes dominating the scene. Therefore, this talent is very useful. Not to mention, this talent is its own ability with a separate cooldown and doesn't require any mana. The animation sequence of Storm Shield is immediate, so you can save allies in a blink of an eye. The range is quite large and should even cover teammates who decide to stray off from the group. Regardless, if you team has heroes with a lot of health points or not, I suggest picking this up, because of its numerous benefits compared to other talents here.

No Rewind
Arguably the second best talents in this tier.

No Farseer's Blessing
A very situational talent that relies on your team to stick to each other in the midst's of a chaotic fight. Which, will not happen, for the most part.

No Gladiator's War Shout
Unfortunately, this is not accessible. since we picked a different talent at level 10.

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