Insane Damage Build (in depth) by JunkieXL

Insane Damage Build (in depth)

By: JunkieXL
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016
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The Butcher

Build: Insane Damage Build (In depth)

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About me Top

Hi, my name is JunkieXL and i want to show you my build for the butcher and tell you why i choose this talents instead of the other. Im playing heroes of the storm for a couple of months and dominated allot of player with this build. The butcher is one of my favorite chars and when im on your team its definetly a win.
my Bnet is : JunkieXL#2417 add me if you like to play some games

The build Top

Now im going to explain why this talents are the best in my opinion.

Level 1 : Victuals, is the one you should pick here since it will give you 3% of your health back by killing minions and 9% by owning heroes. I think this talent is the best because it will let you remain in the fights longer. You can also choose invigoration if you want a less cooldown but i think the 1 second is useless and mana is not a big problem.

Level 4 : Flail axe, this talent is the best for this level because it will give you a bigger range so you can chase down your enemies and strike them with a longer range before they can get away. You can also choose for Cheap Shot if your team has stuns and roots, then your damage will increase great on your next basic attack. For solo-ing pick Flail axe.

Level 7 : Brutal strike or abattoir, this talent will increase your damage big time when you are slaughtering some noobs. You can also choose abbatoir for some more attack speed in a later game, and you will safe some stacks if you die but dieing is not an option xD.

Level 10 : Lamb of the slaughter, is the one you should pick because it will root your enemies so they are not able to run away like everybody does when they see Butcher. You can also choose Furnance blast if you like to do some nice field damage near enemies.

Level 13 : Cave Flesh, this one is by far the best you can pick because it increases your movement speed and let you chase enemies much better.

Level 16 : Blood frenzy, where everyone is picking enraged i dont because blood frenzy increases your attack speed by 25% at all time which is great. At this level no enemy is a threat for you. You can solo a team by yourself at this point. The bad thing about Blood frenzy is that if you die you will have to recharge your stacks before attacking any heroes but you wont die if you play well.

Level 20 : Nexus Blades, this one is the best talent because it will increases your damage even more so you can kill all the heroes in less than 6 strikes.

Conclusion Top

I hope you like this build as much as i do. You can comment below for some questions and let me know how this build worked out for you. Thanks for visiting and good luck.

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