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Jaina - Stay Chilled

By: SirTurtle28
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014
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Build: Jaina - Stay Chilled

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Threats to Jaina with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Valla Vallas ult melts Jaina every time.
Muradin Muridan can be a pain if he can stun you for days.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Nova Watch out for Novas positioning (cloak). Her burst can kill you quickly.
Zeratul Watch out for Zeratuls positioning (cloak). He can sneak up on you if you're left alone.
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Overview Top

Jaina Proudmore

(Q) Forstbolt
(W) Blizzard
(E) Cone of Cold
(R) Water Elemental
(R) Ring of Frost
(Trait) Frostbite

I'm still working on this build but for the most part it's pretty strong. This build requires more skill than other builds, but in the late game it's proved to be pretty frightening. I will be adding gameplay vids and tutorials at a later time.

The main idea of this build is for the enemy target to stay chilled, allowing you to do bonus damage with each ability. Jainas trait Frostbite chills enemies and allows you to do bonus damage to them. It's time to utilize it! I use this build to close the gap on enemy heroes and deal incredible amounts of damage to them in a short burst. I focus a lot on the (Q) ability Frostbolt as this is the main damage dealer.

  • Can slow/CC targets constantly
  • Incredible burst damage
  • Great at lanning
  • Scoouting
  • Very squishy
  • Needs help getting camps
  • Medium/low auto attack
  • Relies heavily on mana

Abilities Top

Frostbolt(Q) Frostbolt is your main weapon. It shoots a projectile in a straight line, chills and damages the target. at lvl 1 it hits one target. You always, always combo this with another ability to get the Crit damage. Frostbolt chains with your other abilities making stronger the longer the target is chilled. It is also a great tool for scouting bushes and getting range if needed. With low manna cost and low cooldown, you can spam this on a chilled target to deal additional damage.

Blizzard(W) Blizzard drops down 2 waves of ice, chilling and dealing damage in an area. it lasts for about 2 seconds (1 wave/sec). How I use Blizzard with this talent set is to kite enimies, or finish them off if your Frostbite is is cooldown. Blizzard can also be used to effectively clear lanes. If the enemy team is clumped up, this is ano brainer. Paired with Cone of Cold, this deals a lot of Crit damage. It is hard to land both waves on an enemy, but it deals heavy damage if it does.

Cone of Cold(E) Cone of Cold is your initiator spell. it spreads out a cone of frost damage that also chills any targets in the area. This is typically the first spell you will use on any target, paired with either Frostbolt, Blizzard or both. it deals pretty decent damage and sets up the Crit chances for your other spells.

Frostbite(Trait) Frostbite is an amazing trait that this whole build is based off of. whenever one of your abilities strikes a target it chills them. If one of your abilities strikes a chilled target you deal 50% more damage, making combos chain off of each other very effectively.

Ring of Frost(R) Ring of Frost is a pretty good ability that can CC anyone stuck in it's huge area, dealing bonus damage to the enimies trapped. If your team is lacking CC you can opt to choose this instead of Summon Water Elemental.

Summon Water Elemental(R) Summon Water Elemental summons a pet that you control. SWE is such a great utility when fighting against an enemy. you can use it to body block a get away, help chase down an enemy, and scout effectively. When you reach lvl 20, the Water Elemental will duplicate all spells you use, making this a deadly combo for anyone! I use the Water Elemental to dish out crazy combos and damage to any unsuspecting victum.

Talents Top


Tier 1 Lingering Chill: Amazing talent for this build. It allows you extra time to get bonus damage on enemies. I choose this over Winter's Reach because the added time is precious when using your combos or closing the gap.

Tier 2 Frost Shards: This is a personal choice really. since Frostbolt can only hit one target, and sometimes obstacles get in the way, this adds another layer of certainty that it will hit your target. Also, it helps you get merc camps a lot easier. Since Frostbolt is our main ability and it doesn't require a lot of manna, Arcane Intellect is not required.

Tier 3 Ice Lance:This talent makes this build possible. it reduces the cooldown on Frostbolt to 2 seconds from 4 if it hits a chilled target. Ice Lane doesn't shine until it's paired with Icy Veins later in the game.

Tier 4 Summon Water Elemental: Great ultimate for tons of reasons. once you drop this bad boy, you can chase, block, scout, distract, and jungle with ease. This makes Jaina a lot harder to 1v1 in the mid/late game.

Tier 5 Icy Veins: One of the best talents for this build. Combo'd with Lingering Chill and Ice Lance you are able to put out massive amounts of damage in 5 seconds. I use this in a pinch if i need to quickly reset my abilities, or casually with a team fight. Excellent talent regardless of the build.

Tier 6 Ice Barrier: Since Jaina is already pretty squishy, this adds to her sustain a bit. Since i've started using it, i've seen a big difference in the duration she can stay alive in a battle. This coupled with Icy Veins gives you a ton more sustain. Does not work to well with single targets though.

Tier 7 wintermute: Easily my favorite talent to get. By this point you can already deal tons of dps and this just doubles it! by having your Water Elemental be able to duplicate your abilities, all of your combos hit twice as hard

Early game Top

lvl 1-10
coming soon

Mid game Top

lvl 10-20
coming soon

Late game Top

lvl 20+
coming soon

Gameplay Top

coming soon.

Combos Top

Basic burst
Cone of Cold >> Blizzard >> Frostbolt
(E)>(W)>(Q) This is your basic combo with Jaina, getting AoE damage and chill with cone-of-cold], adding two waves of Crit damage with [[blizzard followed up with high damage from Frostbolt.

Overhaul burst
Cone of Cold >> Frostbolt >> Icy Veins >> Frostbolt >> Frostbolt >> Frostbolt >> Frostbolt
(E)>(Q)>(1)>(Q)>(Q)>(Q)>(Q): This combo executes in under 7 seconds and deals a massive amount of dps. Thanks to the Ice Lance and Icy Veins talents this combo reduces your Frostbolt cooldown to 1 second! Enabling you to reek havoc on your target.

Blizzard burst
Cone of Cold >> Blizzard >> Frostbolt >> Icy Veins >> Frostbolt >> Cone of Cold >> Frostbolt >> Blizzard
(E)>(W)>(Q)>(1)>(Q)>(E)>(W): Icy Veins reduces the cooldown of your Blizzard to 5 seconds from 15. You can combo the rest of your abilities by the time you can use it again. This is difficult to land on a fleeing target, but does a heck of a lot of dps in team fights.

distance burst
Blizzard >> Frostbolt >> Frostbolt
(W)>(Q)>(Q): This is a good combo to use if you're low on health and need to keep your distance. Blizzard is used as your initiator to chill the target. Then (thanks to Ice Lance) you can chain 2 Frostbolt to deal a decent amount of dps from a distance.

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