Johanna: BEST Tank Build by AchillezxLBT

Johanna: BEST Tank Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015
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To put this build into perspective I am going to put one very important aspect of Tanking out there right away.

You can't soak damage unless you have health to soak damage with.

Now that we have that cleared up, there is a basic idea to this build. High sustain mixed with deceptive damage. In other words the longer the engagement lasts, the more it swings in your favor. Johanna has the luxury of having an insane amount of base sustain thanks to her iron skin trait. The first half of this build directly buffs her sustain and ability usage. The second half addresses the deceptive damage portion.

Now to make another aspect clear before moving on. A lot of people tend to think that amplified healing is only viable when you have a good dedicated healer in your comp. Not only is this not true but these people are overlooking a major selling point to the talent in itself. It doesn't only buff the healing you receive. It also buffs your regen rate as well. By 30%! That buff combined with regen master make Johannas sustain ridiculous to go against. Essentially you have a high probability of entering every fight at full health. And each time she levels up she just keeps getting more and more health.

Enter the second half. The longer it takes for Jo to die also means you have more time for burning rage and blessed hammer to do their jobs. And because you have battle momentum working behind the scenes you are going to be dishing out hammers at a viable rate. Add on the indestructible at the end and you further see how this build is top tier.

The ONLY downside to this build and honestly ANY Johanna build is that she burns through her mana at an INSANE rate. A Jo with no mana is a Jo that doesn't matter.

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