Johhana pro level build by QuinteX

Johhana pro level build

By: QuinteX
Last Updated: Nov 7, 2015
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Build: Johanna pro level build

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Extra talent choices Top

Level 7 you can also go battle momentum, that will allow you to cast your abilitys faster instead of getting into a better position when using condemn with the curret talent choise.
Level 13 take burning rage if your team lacks damage. Take spell shield if you are facing kaelthats and jaina on the same team.
Level 16 take imposing presence if the enemy team has a strong auto attack hero such as raymor or valla with the hatred build or zagara.

Short guide Top

This build allows you to have great CC and also lets you be quite tanky. Just try to catch as many peapole as you can with your condemn so that your teammates can hit AoE abilitys well. Use your d when you are retreating as if you use it too early it will not be as effective. Using it to avoid being cought in a heroic such as a mosh pit is also a great way to use ironskin. Useing blessed shield as an interrupt is probably one of the best ways to use it. Try to hit an etc in a moshpit or a lili after she used her healing heroic. Using it as an engage is a pretty good use aswell as it can give a good start to a teamfight.

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