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Jungle Fever Gaz

By: TheJeepo
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2015
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Game Play Top

This build is very dependent on you having a team that knows what you are doing. If they go in 4v5 they will most likely lose. They have to play a more passive game that relies on making some picks and disengaging when they need to.

The mercs will do their job of pushing and forcing the team to answer them. In reality you can push a lane without ever being in it. If the other team mates go across the map or look for opportunities to get an opponent out by themselves, your team will be more successful.

For the first couple minutes I will lane as normal, but when the guys pop up at 2 minutes I leave to get camps. This is important for your team mates to know so they don't charge in an uneven lane. At 2 minutes, if I can, I will try to sneak their siege camp, so they have to pull away from lane. This is risky, but again it is the reason I get superiority because if they do show up you don't want to be almost dead from the camps. I will then go to our siege followed by our knights. This is also why I get my lev 1 talent. When your turrets die it will help your aoe stun to come back up fast enough to take little damage.

My main priority on the maps are still objectives though. So I will leave a lane to go jungle, but when a treasure chest, turn in, or curse shows up I go there. Gazlowe is great when you know where you are going to fight. Stay our of trouble and only go in range to set up turrets and throw bombs.

After you hit your ult this plan becomes a lot easier. It allows you to move around the map and clear camps pretty fast. You still don't want to be caught out because you are still very squishy. After camps are cleared I will run into a lane and try to destroy structures as fast as I can.

This is a fun build and I will update this guide (I know it is pretty rough, but I didn't see many gaz guides out there). Let me know any questions you have and I will try to answer them, or change what is in here if it turns out that I am an idiot (rare but it happens).

Intro and Skills Top

Gaz is my favorite hero in this game, but the one that is really misunderstood (by both your team and the enemy). With this build I really focus on the jungle, and try to put pressure on all of the lanes through merc presence. This build is also made so you can jungle as soon as possible, so make sure your lane partner knows you are going to be gone. Ideally this build is best for maps like the bay and cursed hollow. (A quick moment of silence when you got to have old school merc lord and old school promote....)

I will first go through the talents and reasoning. I am not going to tell you I am a pro player, but when I have a team that knows how to play with him it feels really strong. Feel free to disagree with my decisions, but please let me know why you think that.

First Talent:
Break it down does a couple of things. For the first couple of minutes in lane, it is useful to keep up pressure and have more bombs. I will sometimes get extra TNT for damage, but I like the faster cooldown later in the game.

Second Talent Tree:

Superiority is so you can go to knights faster, or you can sneak away and take a camp and be able to go back into lane with a good amount of health. This is also helpful late game if you have a GG on your map.

Third Talent Tree:

I usually take this because it does a couple of things. First if they gank you on a camp you can use it to get away. In team fights you are super squishy and have no escape. When they dive you, you generally die. I started using first aid to help against some burst. This lets you stay run around and let your turrets do the work for you. If you are with your team sometimes people get so focused on killing Gaz that they put themselves in terrible situations.

Fourth Talent Tree:
I have seen some amazing tricks with Grav-o-bomb, but this build is all about jungling. When you get Robo-Goblin you can tear through camps. This in turn will let you get to more camps.

Fifth Talent Tree:

This is the tier that I will change up. I like sprint, but when I am playing with a team that knows what to do I feel like it is over kill. Sometimes I will get burning rage to help clear the camps faster, but most of the time double bomb is just good. It gives you good control over a wide area, and in team fights people don't watch their feet so timing this can make a team fight much easier.

Sixth Talent Tree:

4 turrets are so good. Getting a grave golem (be sure to put the turrets behind you so they don't get hurt with the stun) is easier, kiting with turrets becomes very scary with four.

7th Talent Tree:

I like to get the upgraded Robo-Goblin to be able to actually fight the people that dive you, but there is an argument for any of the talents.

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