**Kerrigan Ability Power** by Hedrarence

**Kerrigan Ability Power**

By: Hedrarence
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2015
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Build: Damage Control

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Level 20 Top

This one I always take Nexus Blade, Since I am a melee character that slow is so important. Ravage up tag them once and they slow enough for you to use your W ability or grab with E. The slow usually gives you just enough to finish them off and put them on respawn timer now to mention the 20% added damage is nice with creep and heroes alike

Tier 16 Top

For me there are only 2 options in this tier and its either Blood for Blood or Overdrive. 50/50 Split in the games ive played depending on composition and who is in my lane. IF they put a heavy in my lane (stitches, Muradin etc) I will take Blood for Blood to punish the high health and already slow movement. If a low health high dps character is in my lane I take Overdrive. The overdrive ability is wonderful with a VERY short cooldown and the ability to add a lot of burst to your abilities!

Level 13 Top

Remember what I said about the range of ravage? well taking Eviscerate here really helps with that problem taking the extra 25% is so awesome with the level 1 ability jump up and then grab them, feels really nice!

Level 10 Top

Now her Ulti really depends on what you are doing or how you wanna play Kerrigan. I take Maelstrom 75% of the time just because usually my lane will push deep and draw the other heroes in and his AoE combined with the level 16 ability I go with hits everyone around you for a lot of damage! The ultralisk is awesome to take here too to finish off an enemy who may be getting away from you!

Level 7 Top

Level 7 , I feel, is her weakest tier of abilities. I tend to use Battle Momentum to decrease my cooldowns while grinding on creep more than anything else. The zergling ability is pretty nice as is the jumping to allies but the range on Ravage just isnt that amazing and I dont focus on basic damage in a Kerrigan build so Searing attacks just isnt what I am going for. (there are plenty of BD Kerrigan Builds if thats what you're looking for)

Level 4 Top

This one really depends on what you are doing with Kerrigan, Since I am dominantly paired with someone else and clogging a bottom or top lane I am usually taking Psionic Pulse here. However, Envenom is solid for mid as well as Fury of the swarm if you really wanna rake in XP for your team.

Level 1 Pick Top

I feel like there is no other option in this tier except for the Sweeping Grasp ability. the 20% range increase is really nice when you harass one hero away and trap the other. The heal is nice but I just feel the 20% range increase came in much more useful!

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