Kerrigan The Queen of Blades by Silent Storm

Kerrigan The Queen of Blades

By: Silent Storm
Last Updated: Oct 23, 2015
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In the time I've been playing with this build I've found that Kerrigan excels at pursuing enemy heroes and killing them through a combination of her Ravage and Primal Grasp abilities. Used in conjunction with her Assimilation Shield it makes her a very deadly adversary. At level one I've found that sharpened blades is by far the best. Some may argue that the healing provided by Siphoning impact or the mana regen offered by energizing grasp would be better however as an assassin you want maximum damage output at all times and to that end I've opted for Sharpened blades. At level four I go with Fury of The Swarm as it adds a little bit of laning power to Kerrigan allowing her to take out entire creep mobs with ease as well as giving her an edge when going after objectives such as the dead mines and seed bearers on their respective maps. At level seven Assimilation Mastery adds a fair amount of survivability to an other wise fairly squishy hero by giving Kerrigan increased mana and helth regen while assimilation shields are active. At level 10 I've opted for Summon Ultralisk as opposed to Maelstrom because it adds even more potential for pursuit as the Ultralisk moves just slightly faster than an enemy heroes normal movement speed and will be able to catch up to the even when you can't. At level 13 we add even more survivability with Lingering Essence which adds to the time it takes for Assimilation Shields to wear off when not in combat. At level 16 we have what I think of as the crown jewel in the survival arc with Aggressive defense. This is a go to talent for this level as it allows less time to build up the Assimilation Shield and thus less time you have to worry with creep mobs or siege damage to build it up. And finally at level 20 we have Torrasque which adds a very nice layer to the Ultralisk by making it essentially immortal given that you protect it's egg when it drops. The eight second delay of the egg can be a bit of a hassle at times but is well worth it to constantly have what is ostensibly your greatest tool by your side at all times. Keep in mind that this is merely how I play Kerrigan and is not meant to be taken as the only way to play her.

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