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King D

By: buckn4sty
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2015
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Overview Top

I used the cookie cutter build for Arthas for a few weeks until the nerf. Then i decided, to hell with what the pros use and all of that, lets make a King that makes players bow. And what was created was a king that was feared mid game and beyond. Able to push up to two players back sometimes three(depends on your game skill), able to stay in a fight for a long period of time, and very able to dish out the D. Arthas can and will turn the tide of any team fight.

Arthas is a bad man this is my guild and my set up,

T1: Eternal Hunger Top

able to gain back double mana from the D, i use it so i can recharge my mana( duh), use it on minions while soaking exp, or just to get my mana back up and get ready for the next fight

Arathas need the extra mana to stay in the fight

T2: Destrustion Top

No more venom...(thought it was kinda useless in the late game) i go with the increased damage on the D, arthas is not a dps hero but he dose pack a big hit. when the later mid game comes in, the damage from this will move the life bar quite a bit making players some what scared or hesitant to 1v1 or 1v2 arthas (depends on how aggressive you play him).

why not the frozen waste you ask?

I think Arthas dosent need it, arthas is a low mana hero and you must be resourceful with his AOE turning it off and on when needed. If you do this then the mana reduction is not needed

T3: Rune Tap Top

this is obvious why yea need it, it got nerded to 3% from 4% but ill take what i can get.
Gotta stay in the Fight!!

T4: Army of the Dead Top

AotD got nerfed, but i take this over the dragon any day, AotD "keeps you in the fight" makes arthas self sufficient on the heals. The big thing your gotta watch out with this is enemy AOE skills cuz it will kill your minions and cut out your heals, making you a easy target, if you are depending on them to get you to a safe life lvl. AND the last but not least AotD "Keeps you in the fight"

T5:Relentless Top

This a big counter for alot of stuns, roots, blinds and that OP poly that a tank will endure. Allowing you to get back in the fight, also making players think "We got him" but they really don't. Get eat'n by Stiches? he dont like the taste of the King D and spits you right out.

Why not Biting cold?

This skill select is imo not good for late game, you need something to with stand the stronger stuns that the late game will bring and a higher AoE damge output is not the answer. It might out damage a Mal Healing circle but that's about it, you need to concentrate on staying alive And!!!! Staying in the Fight!!!

Spell Shield?

Might and i mean "MIGHT" not be a bad choice but still for the long haul i would take this passive ability over a cool down any day

T6: Frostmourn Feeds/StoneSkin Top

Frostmourn Feeds:
This one is a toss up for myself, FF makes "King D" because at lvl 18 or 19 the D hits for about "550+-" and at lvl 20 about 600. and FF lets you have two strikes, your talking 1200 damage, which is a big hit in the lip for anyone. especially from a front line tank. But it comes at a cost, and that cost is no shield.....

"Keeps you in the fight" plan and simple

Note: this select depends on the momentum of the game and where your team stands in team fights, but there is a back up at lvl 20 if you go with FF,

T7: Hardened Shield Top

When i noticed they gave this to arthas i was cheez'n and thinking "wow two shields"
Nothing hurts you with this shield up, but you must know when to use it, as it come with a 60sec cooldown

I dont use the other AotD because i havent really needed the extra life back at this point in the game.


is a maybe it jsut depends on the game and where the team stands. Winning or lossing team fights? need that last push? then this might be it but i dont ever use it to much.

The End Top

Arthas is beast plan and simple, ive tanked a whole team b4 lasting about 6 secs (burning all cooldowns)
Hes to fun to play. and he talks **** the whole game haha. When you see him take that sword over his head and drop the D on a debo lili thrall or who ever it is, its just that much more satisfying. Arthas hits hard and can take a major beating and walk/run away from it.

King do not Bow

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