Li-Ming no fear MEELE BURST build! UPDATED for Xul Patch by WielkiPtak

Li-Ming no fear MEELE BURST build! UPDATED for Xul Patch

By: WielkiPtak
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2016
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Build: Short range combat style

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Video Highlight from Hero League - idea of this build


This build is gonna focus on being good in every situation using realible synergystic talents. Short range combat style is perfect for Wave clearing, teamfighting, chasing and survavibility while maintaining great damage output!

W>Q - From Distance
E>Q>W>R> Melee range combo

Talent explanation:

1. FORCE ARMOR. giving 50% ability dmg reduction stacking up to 4! times is great talent overall and gonna suit this build very well.

4. DOMINANCE. Provides great teamfight survavibility, great synergy with Diamond skin (lvl 16 talent)

7. CALAMITY. Damage on teleport is the most realible option and does good damage, jump and combo squishy enemies!

10. WAVE OF FORCE. Great ulti for saving allies, by pushing back enemies, well aimed can be also used to push back fleeing opponents. It doesn't make you immobile like Disintegrate does and mobility is very important in this playstyle.

13. ILLUSIONIST. Teleport range increased by 50%. CD refreshed after loosing 15% hp instantly, pops every 4 seconds. Thats OP. Position well and they won't kill you. Synergy with Diaond skin and Dominance!

16. DIAMOND SKIN. 20% max HP shield. Very strong realible skill. Imagine taking 15% hp in damage which refreshes teleport to gain 20%hp back!, manup and damage. Jump on enemies :)!

20. REPULSION. You can do crazy things with this knockbacks and range.


Early Game (1-9lvl)
Use your skills to damage towers. Collect charges on Force armor by using Magic Missiles [Q] on enemy heroes.
Gank if possible. Teleport on lvl 7 starts to do nice damage. Use it to finish off unexpecting enemies.

Mid game (10-16Lvl)
Time for teamfights. Keep your distance from centre of the fight. Use Magic missiles and Arcane Orb on long range. Use your ulti to push back enemies focusing you or a teammate.

Late game (+16lvl)
Thats the moment you gain your shield on teleport which makes you a beast. If you feel like it you can jump in with teleport on a squishy target. Your survavibility is good by now so time to MAN UP! Maintain your positioning well and focus on squishy targets by jumping on them and dpsing:) Wave of force is gonna save you! Don't get too far away from team. Keep in mind that you are not initiator so teamfight strategy is to use your Arcane Orb and Missiles (remember to get stacks on Force Armor) on a full range. After first blows are over stick to your team and jump on squishy enemies with teleport, use wave of force to stop enemies from escaping and repeat. Great damage + Mobility

Screenshot from Hero League using this build:
Another one

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