Lunara: Quick match casual by Renegade

Lunara: Quick match casual

By: Renegade
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016
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Build: Survival hit-and-run

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Disclaimer Top

I mostly play quick matches and this guide is centered around that game play. There is a lot of randomness in who you play with unless you pick your allies from your friends list and even then people tend to choose what they LIKE to play instead of strong combos since it's not ranked play. Lunara is fun to play with her unique movement style although it can take some time to get used to it. The talents build is what I usually pick in a game but it varies depends on both my enemies and allies.

Talents Top

Tier 1 (1)

  • Blossom Swell - Can be useful if you have problems targeting fast moving targets or you're planning to take Pestering Blossom and/or Choking Pollen for finishing off fleeing enemies but I find the 20% increase hardly noticeable.
  • Photosynthesis - I find this talent pretty useless since I virtually never run out of mana. During extensive team fights with strong support behind your tail you might stay long enough to go oom. Otherwise if you need to save mana while pushing lanes choose Cruel Spores instead.
  • Natural Perspective - Preferred choice, good for extra hero vision. Nature's Toxin lasts up to 9 seconds which is a lot of time to catch up with your enemies or advance in the other direction.
  • Cruel Spores - I tend to choose this talent when there's no specialist in team which happens from time to time. Without proper talents it can take too long to clear group of minions/mercs massed at your gates. You can throw poison the mercs and run away while pushing W every two seconds knowing they will eventually die which is a great time saver.

Tier 2 (4)

  • Nimble Wisp - Lunara has small health pool and can easily get ganked so battlefield vision is important. Sending your wisp ahead to scout the area before you charge in can save your life. I prefer the nimble wisp to all other talents so I can scout faster - checking that suspicious bush, boss camps etc.

Tier 3 (7)

  • Siphoning Toxin - In quick match you sometimes cannot rely on support heroes to actually pick healing talents. Many people dismiss this talent as useless but since it doesn't scale with stacks nor number of targets but it's the only self-healing Lunara has got. It basically adds additional health regen but with small health pool it can easily top you up so you won't have to run to Healing Well every time you get hit. But don't rely on it too much - it's not meant to heal through heavy damage.
  • Wild Vigor - If you manage to actually get a decent support this talent gives you plenty decent direct damage boost. Personally I like it's designed to increase your NEXT 4 attacks instead of time window. This gives you better opportunity to play hit-and-run ale letting your toxin work.
  • Splintered Spear - There might be some niche situation where you want to pick this talent but I haven't found it yet. And having only one charge every few seconds is just not worth it considering the alternatives.
  • Nature's Culling - Nice talent for clearing lanes which is NOT what you should be doing most of the time. Combined with Cruel Spores you can clear waves in seconds but as with Splintered Spear it's just not worth it.

Tier 4 (10) Heroic

  • Thornwood Vine - Very all-around ability useful for spreading toxin at long range. Combined with Crippling Spores can be used to slow enemies chasing you or fleeing from team fight. It allows you to engage from distance without risking too much. If you later choose Choking Pollen you want to use Noxious Blossom as finisher rather than opener and with short auto-attack range opening with Vine is your best choice. Three charges allow you to plan your attacks. The cooldown is rather long so try to avoid using it on minions unless you're sitting on 3 charges and no targets. Otherwise you might miss your charges when you really need them.
  • Leaping Strike - Visually appealing ability that allows you to deal huge amount of damage and cover great distance in short time but takes some time to master. You have to predict where you end up after leaping - you don't want to jump to the middle of enemy group even if you have two charges and are planning to get back to where you started. While pushing heroes down the lane you will likely not get an opportunity to use it without enemies punishing you for landing too far from your allies.

Tier 5 (13)

  • Pestering Blossom - Decent talent, gets great synergy with Choking Pollen for finishing runaway enemies. However it's not my preferred choice due to other talents on this tier being superior/crucial.
  • Unfair Advantage - Very good talent, usually my first choice for this tier. Especially when allies have plenty of slows but slow from Crippling Spores should be enough.
  • Giant Killer - This is a no-brainer choice if there are two or more warriors on the other team it's superior to Unfair Advantage. It also depends on your play-style - with hit-and-run style won't land enough hits for Giant Killer to deal enough damage to be useful.
  • Greater Spell Shield - Survival is your top priority (unless you need to sacrifice yourself for greater good) and outweighs any extra chunk of damage you can deal. This talent helps tons if you have problems with opening burst-damage assassins like Nova or The Butcher. At level 13 you should be able to determine which talent will help you the most.

Tier 6 (16)

  • Choking Pollen - As referenced several times before - great talent for finishing off wounded enemies at range, especially if you've picked Pestering Blossom. It helps to deal burst damage that Lunara somewhat lacks.
  • Star Wood Spear - Good choice if you need to hit fleeing enemy or you just don't want to get in enemy's range. Good synergy with Wild Vigor, gives you that extra second to throw spear without having to chase the enemy first.
  • Invigorating Spores - Great for auto-attack build especially with Wild Vigor. Choosing Invigorating Spores over Star Wood Spear depends on your team - if you have decent warrior you want to churn out as much damage as you can in given time.
  • Let Them Wither - Although other talents are superior DPS-wise, you might find niche for this talent when you feel like your team is lacking crowd control. I've picked this talent a couple of times when enemies had too much speed boost and base slow on Crippling Spores wasn't enough.

Tier 7 (20)

  • Forest's Wrath - Nice upgrade to already powerful Thornwood Vine - gives you more versatility and vision which you'll really need in late game.
  • Boundless Stride - Faster recharge and being able to use this on allies makes Leaping Strike a bit more safe to use during team fights.
  • Galloping Gait - Greatly boost your overall battlefield mobility and lets you get out of ganks where Dryad's Swiftness just isn't enough. Be careful when using it to flee from enemies with stun. Lunara's unique movement make it easier to land a stun just after you used the cooldown.
  • Abolish Magic - Frankly I never used this talent and consider it more of a 'ranked' talent. It gives great utility in team play especially with many stun-oriented teams out there but I still prefer the speed boost.

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