Malfurion Healing God by ArmoredBear

Malfurion Healing God

By: ArmoredBear
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2015
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Build: Malfurion Healing God

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Getting Started Top

Malfurion may have changed a little bit if you have not played him in a few weeks. And when I say a little bit I mean he has been overhauled. Regrowth got a buff and YOU are going to take advantage of it.


You're going to want to pick Harmony. None of the other choices are really going to do you any good. They're just kind of there to make this ability look more appealing. Harmony isn't amazing but it will force you harass with moonfire thus reducing your mana cost for overgrowth.

There is no other pick here. Let's move on.

Level 4 Top


We are picking rampant growth here (Magic the gathering....?) anyway; This boosts regrowth that much more. You get 20% more on your initial heal and that leaves that much more room for your heals over time. This is great for keeping heroes in battle when they no to fall back, heal up, and jump back into the front lines.


Elune's grace is going to sound really tempting but from my play experience I can still harass and heal great without the 30% boost. If you've got the skill, you won't even notice you skipped out on 30% boost range.

Level 7 Top


Enduring growth is your skill here. I've seen a lot of people running cleanse but I just don't use it much when I play. The times I can use it are over and done with by the time I can cast it. Enduring growth is going to keep you team fighting.


You can choose this if you want, I won't judge you. Think of it as situational if you're facing heavy CC

Level 10 Top


Tranquility is amazing. You can fly around like people's personal Jesus restoring health and still be able to cast your other abilities. I would take this over Lili's ult any day.

If you pick the other unnamed thing you can leave this guide right meow.

Level 13 Top


We have enough healing for now. It's time to get a little closer to the front line and choose shrink ray.

Shrink ray is going to cut the attack and movement speed of a hero by half. Throw this on a dps (illidan) while initiating and you'll be in good shape.


Life seed can also be good here. If you're team is steam-rolling the other, go for this skill.

Level 16 Top


Hardened Focus. This is going to let you maintain steady heals in big fights and can easily turn them if you can outlast the other healer.


Tenacious roots is also a good pick here. If your team needs more cc and less heals, feel free to poke the team into rage with entangling roots

Level 20 Top


You should have won by now with this awesome build but in case you didn't, you're picking Serenity.

You now heal that much more and you also now replenish hero's mana over time. you are now a health/mana battery; standing in the back of the fight with your full healthed minions fighting for you. Summoning forests at your will and shrinking enemies into oompa loompas to inhabit them. Good Luck. Have fun.

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