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By: Cobra69
Last Updated: Aug 8, 2015
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Build: Malfurion Sustains Us!!!

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Why these Talents? Top

Using this build, none of your teammates should ever go back for mana or health. The mana return, allows hard hitting heroes like Jaina and KT to always stay in lane constantly pushing and annihilating your enemies.

LvL 1 Shan'Do's Clarity - This talent adds the vital 10 extra seconds of CD reduction to one of your most important team sustain skills. You want that trait button to be falling off your keyboard!

LvL 4 Versatile - This talent makes Innvervate even more aggressive. Giving that extra %10 of mana to your allies mana pool could be the key to casting that last spell to turn the tide of the game. This also makes the lvl 1 talent pick an even more solid choice.

LvL 7 Enduring Growth - Now that your Innervate is as strong as it can be, its time to work on the healing portion of Malfurion. This talent adds an extra %60 to your regenerative healing.

LvL 10 Tranquility - This is simply the best ultimate Malfurion has. Hands down best for the support Malf build we are using in this guide.

LvL 13 Life Seed - A free casting of regrowth? YES PLEASE! This ability allows you to stay in lane even after you've ran out of mana. Along with your upgraded Innvervate, this talent will be a crucial part of keeping a constant push going.

LvL 16 Hindering Moonfire - Without a heal or Innvervate talent at this lvl, the best choice is to contribute to teamfighting and chasing down enemy heroes. With the short cooldown and manacost of Moonfire, this ability makes chasing down almost any enemy hero possible.

LvL 20 Storm Shield - This is the best talent for this build at lvl 20, not only is it a great survival tool for you and your teammates, its MANA FREE!! So once again you can still be in lane with malfurion at very low, if any mana at all, still being just as useful in your support role.

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