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Maximum Paladin

By: Stormin
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2015
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Build: Max Paladin

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Illidan Illidan and other "jumpy" assassins are the easiest to deal with because your bread and butter, with this build, is being able to peel and take damage. Not to mention even if they manage to get the kill you can take them down with your combat trait. Your damage output is also high enough to make them suffer even if their assassination is performed perfectly.
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Diablo His large amount of CC and displacement may keep you from landing the moves you need to, or keep you too far from your allies to assist them. Consider using the knock back of his hammer to keep diablo away. If you do get caught try to read whether your allies are close enough to use your heroic ability.
Stitches Essentially for the same reason as diablo, a good stitches can keep you out of the fight. He is a stronger threat because he can completely remove you, and grab you from a distance, this makes "keeping him at bay" very difficult to do. Essentially anyone that can do the same things as stitches or diablo can be a large problem.
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The short and skinny Top

This is a quick guide to help players with the uther basics and maybe suggest the way to play him. Most of time players aren't reading the full length of a guide so I decided to keep it short and skinny. This guide was designed to maximize 's efficiency while allowing him to be the most fun. It is centered around his ability to peel and take damage while providing him with a decently threatening kit. Basically, I am playing all of his strengths in one, hence the name Maximum paladin.

Uther and his role Top

Uther is a heavy melee support that excels at making sure team fights go in his teams favor. The position that Uther plays best is right in the enemies faces. His only difficulty is paying close attention to the health bars while managing your CC timing. Many players may disagree with this build and say it doesn't have enough healing capability but I argue that your waisting his potential if you are only using his healing capability. Don't get me wrong he plays a great support healer but that is just not what he plays best. A good should be able to keep all his allies alive while pulling at least one enemy away from the assistance of their friends. This means that nearly every fight should end with at least one player alive on your side (and if it isn't you then, your passive talent will kick in and you will be left with two players for a short time).

Why this build? Top

At level 1: is a highly recommended choice to ensure that he doesn't have mana issues. I would tend to agree however, if you use his abilities correctly and only when necessary then you will find his mana to be quite manageable. This allows for a stronger early game pick like . I find this to be particularly useful in early game because everyone is weak, you may be surprised to see how often you get the early game kills because of it and early game kills = late game dominance.

At level 4: - I find this to be a must have with . It allows for early protecting and spam healing. This means by level 4 you have 3 different ways to protect and ally and that is too good to pass up

At level 7: - others may say you don't want this because it knocks the players away from your allies and possibly denies a kill. I find that if you use it correctly the knock back is a must have. This will help you with disengaging as well as guaranteeing the kill. All you have to do is not hammer them away from your team. I can promise you that it pays off more then it hurts if your good.

At level 10: Few players would disagree when I say is a great pick but doesn't reach its true usefulness until you upgrade it again at level 20. Because level 20 offers a team shield it would be in your best interest not to have to grab Divine shield. This means that you are grabbing at level 10 and getting the team shield at 20. Now you can start peeling and dishing out damage. Now you can really hit your prime and get into the enemies faces. This is where you get aggressive.

At level 13: Honestly, feel free to mix it up here. I love all of these moves and each of them has their use. Try to read the enemy teams composition as well as your teams before deciding which one of these to get. I normally get because it helps me land the knock back going the right direction but again, let me know how the other abilities work for you. It sometimes feels like too many actives to coordinate so I selected .

At level 16: I have to say NO to because you are rarely at enough health to use the effect. Normally is good but, as a tanker character, you are rarely the focus of attacks. just doesn't improve enough to be useful. That leaves which is good for finishing off opponents and getting that extra bit of damage.

At level 20: As I said earlier is the way to go. Just that simple.

Closing thoughts Top

Obviously every game plays differently and there are multiple players of various skills and talents. Remember that this is a guide to help play more effectively, not to make you win every game you play. Please take the time you utilize his kit correctly, with practice, and let me know how it works for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, I hope it helps.

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