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Mephisto guide

By: Buvelle
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2018
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Build: Buvelle's Mephisto

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So my thoughts about this build after playing it for 2 days now in ranked mode.

I think this is the best talent overall cause it gives you waveclear and more dmg on your main ability,
unlike Malicious Intent that is also good talent but your not forced to use your E from cooldown to get more dmg.

This talent just gives you so much survivability that i think its way more better than the other 2 choises.

Both talents this and Trickery are good talents but usually you get more value from the armor and for some people it might be hard to move and hit the W with the movementspeed. But for example against garrosh or diablo i think this is good talent when you can get the extra movement speed to escape after your shade ends.

LVL 10
I tried root once and wont touch it again you shouldnt either.

LVL 13
The spellpower from this talent is really good it last 6second so u basically will have it up all the time while fighting because of your passive.

LVL 16
Here again I think there is 2 great talents to choose from. Personally I like Animosity more cause it gives alot more clear and its good with lvl 20 talent mimic. Downside is that you wont be able to get your lvl 4 shield as fast so make sure to use this talent in right places. The other choice is Static Field and its really great talent specially against heavy tanks like diablo and garrosh, but your also more reliant for your team composition if you have good CC in your team.

LVL 20
I just think mimic is so good dmg buff for fights, its really hard for enemy to juke your spells after this talent, your gonna get a lot more cooldown reduction from this talent, it just give you so much compared to the other lvl 20 talent.

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