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Mephisto, Godphisto

By: Feruver
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018
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Build: Machinegun Mephisto

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Threat Hero Notes
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Raynor Raynor is an easy hero to beat as he does not have any mobility. Just do the combo on him, and them some more will kill him.
Zul'jin Same thing as Raynor, no mobility and very vulnerable to your combo. He may have Tazdingo, but its just a delay of his death.
Hanzo Hanzo has mobility, but not as much as Genji or Mal'Ganis. His role as being a poke mage lets Mephisto deal damage without worrying about Hanzo killing him.
Valla Valla may be able to kite you, but in a team fight. you should be able to kill her if she is not focused paying attention to you.
Artanis He's not much to deal with, its just his shields and his swap are annoying. Watch out for the swap though, if you need to Shade of Mephisto out of it.
Murky Murky will be able to stick on to you with his slime and trying to Skull Missile while running away while he is on top of you will miss him, not slowing him.
Nazeebo Nazeebo is not that hard to deal with, all you have to watch out for is his Zombie Wall if you Shade of Mephisto in.
Yrel Yrel can stay on you with her jump, slow, and knockback. It may be difficult to combo on her, so try to ignore her and focus on the main targets.
Kel'Thuzad Kel'Thuzad's combo may be deadly to you if he chains you. You may be able to dodge it with Shade of Mephisto but be careful.
Maiev Maiev is an annoyance with the same thing as Genji. Mobile, has invulnerability, and interrups your combo. Maiev is lower in the threat list because you are able to back off if she throws out her shadow.
Dehaka Although Dehaka does not have any mobility, his tankiness, drag, and isolation will be some things you need to respect in battle.
Chen A good Chen will stun lock you with his Wandering Keg and push you towards the enemy team. You can't do anything because you are stun locked and then Shade of Mephisto out will kill you as you will teleport back to them.
Stitches Be careful of Stiche's Gorge. If you are in Shade of Mephisto and he eats you, you won't teleport back to your shade.
Genji Genji's mobility is very good against Mephisto. His deflection will save him from Consume Souls and his annoyance around the battlefield will keep Mephisto from dealing damage to the main team.
Varian Varian is quite sticky if he goes either smash or twin blades. Warbringer, his level 10 E upgrade lets him be even more sticky.
Anub'arak Anub'arak will be able to dive onto you with his burrow charge and knock up. He is not as threatening as Mal'Ganis due to him not being as mobile.
Garrosh If Garrosh throws you towards his team, its going in time, and most likely dying. You can't get out instantly as your E will teleport you back, and he will be able to taunt you to stay with him.
Mal'Ganis Mal'Ganis will dive you with his Q Fel claws and will start sleeping you. He is very annoying and will always stay on top of you
Illidan Illidan will always be on you as he is very slippery and sticky. Even if you tried your best a good Illidan will easily 1v1 you as you can't land a good combo on a mobile enemy
Kerrigan Kerrigan is a huge threat with her insane amount of dashes she gets and the shield she recieves.

Who Am I? Top

My name is Feruver. I am a Mephisto player with about 80+ games on him and have an average of slightly under 70% win rate. When I saw Mephisto on the Hero Spotlight, I knew it was the type of champion that would fit me the best. I started to spam Mephisto in ranked games and I feel that Mephisto is stupidly broken given in the right hands. I think Mephisto is an underrated Hero and no one that I see in Heroes of the Storm or Hero League plays Mephisto as powerful as I do.

Here is my Hotslogs ( It is not updated to the most recent, but you can see that I am good at him.

Who is Mephisto? Top

Mephisto is a Hero designed to punish other Heroes who position themselves badly and dive the back lines without being punished himself with his E; Shade of Mephisto. With the correct plays, a Mephisto can dish out an absurd amount of DPS to the back lines if he keeps getting resets on his Q: Skull Missile. With the power of his level 16 talent, Lightning Reaction, he can be able to nearly 1 shot most assassins, and if he gets resets, keep dealing insane amounts of damage every time he does his combo. Mephisto is reliant on hitting his skill shots. Taking other talents like Anger will help you with cooldown (because you can't hit skill shots), but will overall lower his damage output by a ton. I dislike it when people take these talents if all you're going to do is press Q and keep pressing Q over and over again if you're not going to auto-attack between casts. Its a talent not useful for team fights. If he is unable to finish off weakened foes, he will be able to do so with Consume Souls, which gives him even more presence on the map with his global ultimate.

Synergizes Well Top

Johanna's Condemn allows her to clump up enemies and slow them by using Punish for Mephisto to do his combo on them. Johanna has good peel for Mephisto and is a great tank in general.

Although underrated, since Auriel is based mainly on how much damage her teammate does, this is a great pair for Mephisto. Let Auriel keep crowning you and keep dishing out damage towards the enemies. This will most likely fill up Auriel's bar and Ray of Heaven will heal for an insane amount at all levels.

Jaina's Ring of Frost will lock down opponents and keep them still for Mephisto to deal a ton of damage. Lightning Reaction will help with the potency of this combo.

Lúcio's Amp It Up and Speed Boost will help with Mephisto's lack of mobility. It will help with him running away from dives. He can protect Mephisto with Sound Barrier if he really needs it. Lúcio will also be able to help Mephisto on running down enemies with speed boost and Reverse Amp.

Honorable Mention

His Shadow Charge into Overpower is a good combo to catch an enemy off guard. Just make sure that Diablo's Overpower is done animating before you hit Skull Missile, or else, you will miss Skull Missile, and feel bad about it when you have to wait a long time since you don't have Unyielding Power completed in the early game. Try to communicate with Diablo to prevent this from happening.

Strengths and Weaknesses Top


The sheer amount of damage output he delivers to the team

High solo target pressure

Global Ultimate Pressure


Bad Wave Clear

High Cooldowns

Skull Missile reliant

No escape/mobility

Maps Mephisto Works Well In Top

Battlefield of Eternity lets Mephisto stack his Unyielding Power quite fast in a 4v4 bot lane battle. When the Immortals spawn, it lets him have more opportunities to stack and finish the quest quite fast.
Braxis Holdout is the same. It lets Mephisto stack his Unyielding Power quite fast in a 4v4 bot lane battle. The beacons on Braxis Holdout helps Mephisto stack more, and he is able to wave clear some of the zergs when they spawn also.
Volskaya Foundry is a good map for Mephisto as it forces both teams to fight over the Protector. The capture point lets Mephisto stack Unyielding Power if you are able to land Skull Missile in team fights before completing the quest.
Cursed Hollow is a great map for the same reason as Volskaya Foundry. Able to stack your quest, more team fights throughout the map. And the curse lets you clear the wave with 1 Skull Missile.
Towers of Doom is the same thing as Cursed Hollow. Grouped up team fights, more time to get Unyielding Power finished faster.
Alterac Pass is the same thing as Towers of Doom. Grouped up team fights, more time to get Unyielding Power finished faster. Boom boom, bang bang. Easy games.

Maps Mephisto Struggles in Top

The split altars you have to capture leads Mephisto to complete the quest at a slower rate than normal.
The first temples will always spawn in pairs of 2. More split up team fight, which leads to your power spike being a lot later than normal.
Although this is a very small map, the objective of taking gems to turn in and the Webweavers pushing against Mephisto makes him not as good.
Its not about the map Mephisto needs to worry about, it's more the about the Punisher. Make sure the Punisher is not punishing you for being too close to him.

The Build Top

On level 1, always take Unyielding Power. It is the strongest talent for level 1, increasing his Skull Missile damage by 100, which on average is about 33% more. But the main reason why you take it is for the permanent cooldown reduction, lowering it from 8 seconds to 5 seconds. Although this may seem like not a big quest reward, it is. The reduction in 3 seconds lets his passive Lord Of Hatred reset his cooldown of Skull Missile by only hitting 3 enemies, instead of 4. This on top with the damage increase from hitting 20 heroes with the quest increases his damage dramatically during team fights in small areas of the map.

Level 4, take Hateful Mending. Ever since the buff from 50% to 60% healing and the nerf to Static Barrier, this talent is the way to go. Even before the buff I still took Hateful Mending. This will let you (and eventually you can) turn a losing team fight by kiting with Skull Missile since it is an instant cast, but has a projectile damage delay. When you hit Skull Missile, you will get healing, cooldown reduction, and a 25% slow. Keep repeating until you are able to kill them, or they back off. What a win-win!

Take Trickery at level 7. This will, later on, help you keep up with your Skull Missile and you will see why. If you are in a bad spot and need a couple of seconds to use Skull Missile to heal and wait for your teammates do so. Use it only as a last ditch effort as it is NOT a way to escape, but a way to kill yourself as the enemy waits for you to come back to your shade.

The only ultimate you should go is Consume Souls. No matter how bad you are losing, Durance of Hate is just not reliable enough to hit. Durance of Hate has a 1-second channel and if you miss, then you pressed R for no reason other than to delay the amount of DPS you deal in the team fight. Consume Souls should be used for the slow to get your teammates to catch up with fleeing opponents or to finish off low enemies.

Level 13 take Abhorred Skull. It will increase all your damage by 20% and in a team fight, will be permanently (if you hit Skull Missile that is) active. Its long duration of 6 seconds lets you have another chance to keep it active since if you miss Skull Missile completely, you have 5 seconds of cooldown, or less if you hit with Lightning Nova, and have another shot at hitting Skull Missile. This build is all about hitting Skull Missile! If you are not able to hit skill shots consistently, then this hero might not be for you.

This is why you built Mephisto this way. For his level 16 talent Lightning Reaction. Boy this talent is straight up broken. It adds more damage on top of his already insane damage. This is where you are able to do the combo. You use Skull Missile, followed by Shade of Mephisto, and then Static Field. YOU WANT TO Shade of Mephisto TO THE SIDE SO THAT Skull Missile FOLLOWS Lightning Nova THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. If you don't understand what I mean, see some examples below. If Skull Missile stays inside Lightning Nova, it will proc more than once! The most I've seen is FOUR times, and on average if done correctly about THREE times. This means that instead of your level 16 talent dealing around 250 or so damage, you will deal about 750 - 1000 damage with just 1 talent! It's busted!

Level 20 take Mimic. This is to exploit more of Lightning Reaction and deal more damage. Also having Mimic deal damage to enemies mean that your cooldown will be faster because of Lord Of Hatred. If the enemy usually lives with low health, you may consider taking Consumed by Hatred for the execution.

Early Game (Levels 1-9) Top

Mephisto's early game is sub-par. All your trying to do is stack your quest Unyielding Power. Try to take as many possibilities to stack the quest. Use Shade of Mephisto to get closer to your enemies to spam Skull Missile. Most likely you will not be punished for diving the enemy because you used Shade of Mephisto. But if the enemy is smart enough, they will dive you when you swap back to your shade. So watch carefully.

On average, if you are a new Mephisto player, try and complete your quest by around 10-12 minutes. On average, you should be looking to complete your quest at around 9 minutes. The fastest I completed my quest is around 4 minutes and 30 seconds. How I completed this quest so fast was because the enemy always dove my tank and left me to press Skull Missile all the time which led me to bank my quest in that short amount of time.

Mid Game (Levels 10-15) Top

This is when your damage starts to ramp up. With the completion of Unyielding Power and level 13 talent Abhorred Skull, you start to make your enemies regret to ban Mephisto. Make sure to keep Abhorred Skull buff active in a team fight. Try to ignore the front lines and attack the supports and assassins behind the tanks. That is your main job anyway.

Once they see you do a lot of damage, watch out as they may start to focus you down. If they dive on you, try to use Shade of Mephisto to gain a breather. Although it is only for 2.5 seconds, it will surely get your team to peel back for you as you are one of the main damage dealer for the team.

Late Game (Levels 16-Beyond) Top

Take Lighning Reaction and win (most of the game). Increasing your damage by 800 or so is insane, and its just one talent only. Your level 20 talent Mimic helps with abusing Lightning Reaction's damage. Keep doing the Skull Missile, Lightning Nova, Shade of Mephisto combo on enemies chasing you. Most likely they won't have enough time to react to the combo coming towards them. If done to the assassins or supports, they will surely back off.

If you are losing a team fight, keep casting Skull Missile while retreating. You can cast Skull Missile while moving so spam it while running away. They can't catch up to you because of the slow from Skull Missile, and will also give you health to either turn the fight or make them back off, giving you another chance to save the game.

Examples Top

If you need to see how to do the Skull Missile, Lightning Nova, Shade of Mephisto combo, here is a video of it in action.

The estimated maximum amount of damage Mephisto can if he does everything perfectly at level 20.

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