Moradin "Say hello to your ancestors.." (Kazahm patch) by Zer0K1lz

Moradin "Say hello to your ancestors.." (Kazahm patch)

By: Zer0K1lz
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2015
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Threats to Muradin with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Anub'arak Not too much of a threat but more annoying with the spikes and has a little better minion clear.
Jaina Her range and burst can be a problem, try to not focus her in lane early unless she is out or low on mana or just used abilites.
  No Threat
Tyrande Her ranged stun and vulnerability (Hunters mark) with another hero can be deadly. Keep mobile and un predictive if you get the mark back and and stun poke.
Johanna She is a great tank and can counter your stuns with her shield making it useless. She also has a blind and some Crowd control try not to stun her when her shield is up but before or after.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat

Early game Top

Try to poke heroes with your stun and avoid using your leap unless you are certain you can get away with it. Try to reserve your leap for forcing position or getting away. Do not waste your stun on minions. use your Thunder strike for minion clear early on until it gets boosted for single target damage.

Mid- Game Top

You should have your ult and your stun now hits two targets and crushes minions and camps. Try to help with camps and line up your stun to hit multiple minions. Use Haymaker to save a 4v5 or to create one. However if you can leap to an assassin, specialist or support and knock them at your party.... Haymaker should be used for position advantages or a close last hit (1-2 bars of health left) if you are feeling greedy.

Late-game Top

When you get 20 and Cooldown reset as well as the bonus to thunderstrike against a single enemy...
Position is key to your success. You should be stunning then leaping then haymaker to give your team an advantage or leap stun CD, stun l If played right only the threats above should be able to have a chance though minimal at best.

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