[AuT pBo] AuTpBoAhri - Muradin - Tank Build by AuTpBoAhriman

[AuT pBo] AuTpBoAhri - Muradin - Tank Build

By: AuTpBoAhriman
Last Updated: Jan 4, 2015
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Build: Muradin the King

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Hi my name is Thomas “AuTpBoAhri“ Bohacek, and I am the main tank player of Team AuT pBo (Professional Board & Onlinegaming). Once Heroes of the Storm was announced, i was selected to alpha test the game. I am playing every tank char in Heroes of the Storm. Our team is located in austria.

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Muradin Muradin Bronzebeard, the Mountain King, is a warrior hero from the Warcraft franchise.[1] Once a mentor to Prince Arthas, Muradin was unable to prevent him from becoming the Lich King. After recovering from a mild case of amnesia, he is now the leader of the Bronzebeard clan post the "diamond-ization" of his brother the King Magni. He can effectively disable his opponents while offering decent mobility.


- Strong wave clear.
- Strong CC and mobility.
- Good in teamfights and 1vs1 situations
- Great recovery out of combat


- Weak early game
- Bad jungler
- Low on mana without infused hammer


Regenerate 8 Health per second when you have not taken damage for 4 seconds. When below 30% Health, increased to 24 Health per second.

Throw a hammer, dealing 240 (50 + 10 per level) damage to the first enemy hit and stunning it for 1.5 seconds.

Deals 210 (58 + 8 per level) damage and slows enemies by 25% for 2.5 seconds.

Leap to target location, dealing 130 (35 + 5 per level) damage to enemies on landing.


Transform for 20 seconds, gaining 2000 (575 + 75 per level) Health and causing your Basic Attacks to stun enemies.

Deal 1400 (640 + 40 per level) damage and knocks the target back, hitting enemies in the way for 350 (160 + 10 per level) damage and knocking them aside.


MuradinChoose - Infused Hammer:

Mana is an issue for our Mountain King, as melee warrior its often hard enough to deal with enemy range heroes. Picking Infused Hammer allows you to spam your Q-Skill and trade some damage back while they are stunned. If you drop low on health fall back and let your passive heal you up, your will be ready for combat with enough health and mana.


MuradinChoose - Crowd Control:

At Level 4 you take Crowd Control. Reducing the cooldown of this skill allows Muradin to clear large minion waves in an instant. While in teamfights your are normally in the middle of the enemy team where you can boost your damage output with Crowd Control.


MuradinChoose - Piercing Bolt:

Stunning two enemies and getting mana back for every target hit is just insane. Piercing Bolt together with Infused Hammer keeps your mana pool at a high level, even after a teamfight you will have enough power left to pick up the next fight.


MuradinChoose - Avatar:

Avatar provides Muradin with another CC, auto attacks will now stun your enemies and you get a bunch of health. Combined with Unstoppable Force this ult has everything you need to dominate teamfights with the leader of the Bronzebeard.


MuradinChoose - Thunderstrike:

Thunderstrike triples the damage of Thunderclap in every 1vs1 combat, in combination with your other abilites there is just Muradin still standing after the clash of heroes. This skill works on minions and mercenaries as well which helps your team clearing them faster.


MuradinChoose - Stoneform:

Second Wind is a strong passive ability but does not work while in a fight, therefore i pick Stoneform which heals you for 50 % of your max health. Using Avatar and activate Stoneform lets you survive every teamfight. Due to its relative low cooldown you can use it whenever necessary.


MuradinChoose - Unstoppable Force:

Now we are complete, a bunch of CC (auto attack and Stormbolt) together with a good damage output (Thunderclap) you have everthing you need. Dwarf Toss can be used as engange, gap closer oder escape tool. With a bunch of health regeneration during combat (Stoneform) there is nothing left to stop you, the duration of every CC on you is reduced by 75 %.


Early-, Mid- and Late Game:

If you get harassed in the early game try to hit with your Q and trade some blows, step out of combat and let yourself get regenerated by Second Wind or the healing fountain. For merc-camps i recommend a teammate to help you clearing it, your passive allows you to heal up while you are on your way back to lane or the next camp.

For teamfights i try to save my Twarf Toss as an escape mechanic if necessary, otherwise use it as a gap closer. Twarf Toss allows you to jump over walls, never forget that to escape any unfavorable situation. If you drop low on health during a fight you can try to Twarf Toss away and harass your opponents from afar with your Q while Second Winds heals you.

During late game there is almost nothing your dwarf has to fear, you are able to tank tons of damage, you are annoying as hell with your stuns and you got a good damage potential. Try to CC the most fearsome enemy Champion to dominate teamfights and win the battle for your team.



Not the best map for Muradin, except for your base walls there is not much left for you to escape with Twarf Toss, thats why you have to be a bit more defensive until you get your Ultimate. Communicate with your teammates and have an eye an Blackheart to prevent your enemies from turning in doubloons.


Keep an eye on the tribute, whenever it spawns you have to be there and lead your team into the fight. During the early game try to step into the fight, tank some damage and retreat in time. Get healed from Second Wind and participate in the fight again to collect the tribute.

Later on there shouldnt be any problem for Muradin unless you teamlevel is lower than your enemies one.


You have a lot of possibilites to use Twarf Toss in a favourable way, during the early its a up to you trading blows with your foes and make use of Second Wind. Try to recover quickly to contest at the shrines when the Dragon Shire appears. Often enough your opponent has to take a high risk to capture the shrine while you are around.


Garden of Terror is the biggest map in Heroes of the Storm. Try your best on the lane to keep your opponent at a distant and group up at night. Always keep an eye on the minimap while you clear the camps, you enemies could engage on your team anytime. Collect as many seeds as possible and help your Garden Terror pushing.


Again a small map with almost no escape possibilty for Dwarf Toss, therefore stay calm and focused and dont overextend. Play a bit more defensive in the early stage of the game and everything should be fine. As always, make use of every ability to take the advantage over your foes.

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