Most fun with your D you'll ever have... by theRBfool

Most fun with your D you'll ever have...

By: theRBfool
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2015
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Build: Frostmourne Strives.

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Threats to Arthas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas Arthas doesn't really excel against any one particular hero as he needs his allies to help bring them down.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Li Li More of an annoyance than a threat mainly because she can blind you making your empowered auto attack miss and become useless.
  No Threat
Illidan Because he's a fucking cunt. He can evade your empowered auto attacks so you don't do shit against him.
Johanna She is tankier than you, she can stun plus slow you and she can blind you making your attempt to retaliate useless as most of your damage comes from your empowered auto attack.


Hi there it's theRBfool here bringing you another build for Arthas...

Arthas is probably one of the most overlooked Warriors in this game as everybody is busy ****ing themselves over Johanna/ E.T.C. and Anub'arak, but he is a pretty solid Hero in the game with a lot he can bring in a match.

One thing that a lot of people love to overlook on Arthas is the fact that he is one of the only heroes who can solo a Bruiser camp. Seriously as soon as you hit level 7 (this makes him one of the earliest heroes to solo any camp) and you pick up Rune Tap you should start roaming and doing camps, just make sure you have somebody to cover your lane if your busy with a camp so you don't loose out on the XP farm.

This build focuses on his passive ability Frostmourne Hungers to empower his auto attacks to dish out some serious damage on his enemies and to regain the mana needed to continue this further.
In lane against a ranged hero try to land Howling Blast on them and rush in for some auto attack fun, don't forget to activate Frozen Tempest while running in (don't activate it if you are just standing in lane doing nothing), with this you hopefully did enough damage to force the enemy back into there town. Don't worry if this didn't go according to plan as you can Death Coil yourself to get a small amount of health back.

In teamfights the focus is to peel the enemy off of your Assassins and Supports, to keep them alive in order to keep you alive and to kill the enemy. Try to root and slow as many enemies as you can because this helps your team out a lot and it can mean your team gets to chase them down sooner or you get a bigger distance over them while you are fleeing. If the enemy is starting to loose the engagement go on the offensive and try to focus there Supports, if none are in sight go straight for the Assassins and then the Warriors last.

If your team is assaulting an enemy town, try to use Summon Sindragosa in such a way that you disable all the enemy structures (the two gate towers, the fort and the tower right beside the fort). As this allows you to assault the town or the enemy team without having to worry about the structures damaging you back to base.

Passive, Basic abilities and Heroic abilities. Top

Passive ability

This is what the build is focused on. When you activate this trait you empower you next basic attack to do more damage and return a small amount of mana. This right here is why Arthas is probably my favourite hero in the game as I get to do damage as a tank and stay in lane without having to go back for mana or health.

Basic abilities

This is pretty much a free health orb. It can be used on an enemy to deal a small amount of damage or on yourself to heal for a small amount, now when I say small amount I really do mean small amount never just rush in thinking "it's ok ill just Q myself and I'll be ready to go again", also never EVER use this ability for damage unless the enemy is one fart away from dying as you then just wasted something that could have saved your life on doing a miniscule amount of damage on something that isn't dead yet.

This is your only form of hard CC/ your only form of escape and your only form of catch up. As it is an aoe (Area of Effect) skill shot that has a travel time (REMEMBER that it has a travel time) before landing. Rooting all enemies in the area (REMEMBER that, ROOTING not stunning) and doing a ******edly small amount of damage so don't use this for the damage aspect, rather save it in order to root that enemy that's about to get away or to root that enemy that's right up your *** while you try to run away.

This ability is somewhat overlooked by most people. It's an aoe damage and slow that last's forever (or for how long your mana can hold up) and the slow is increased the longer the enemy is standing inside the area. A great ability in teamfights if you can get more than 2 in area at once, it's also great for slowing that fleeing enemy though not by a lot. Never just activate it and run around as it is a big waste of mana, only activate it if you are clearing a minion wave or fighting an enemy hero.

Heroic Abilities

Probably the heroic your suppose to take because when you activate it you summon about 5 or so ghouls that run along with Arthas dealing a small amount of damage, but the reason most people take it is because once the ghouls have been summoned Arthas can reactivate the ability to consume a ghoul and restore some health right back to him (the amount healed is in proportion with Death Coil). This heroic is good but I generally find it very boring to play.

Possibly my favourite Heroic in the whole game mainly for one reason, when you activate it you have to shout out at the top of your lungs "SINDRAGOSA **********ER". Seriously though it's a fun ability, when you activate it Arthas summons Sindragosa to fly in a line infront of him damaging and slowing all heroes that she comes in contact with, the damage is actually pretty low for a heroic ability and the slow isn't of the best. So why take it over Army of the Dead? Well the secondary effect (tertiary actually) freezes all enemy structures. Yes that's right enemy forts and towers no longer fire so you can tower dive to your hearts content or use it to save that one ****** who constantly tower dives (Take note this does not freeze the enemy nexus).

Talent's and possible replacements. Top

Level 01 = Eternal Hunger, Why?= Because it gives us double the mana from our empowered basic attack than the normal one so we get to stay in lane even longer without having to go back.
Possible replacement?= There isn't one, not if you want to be an auto attacking beast.

Level 04 = Destruction, Why?= Because it boost's the already nice damage increase for our empowered auto attack even higher so we hit extra hard.
Possible replacement?= There isn't one again if you want to be a tank with auto attack damage then pick up this talent.

Level 07 = Rune Tap, Why?= Because it gives us even more self sustain so the only reason we go back to base is when the enemy is there or we died (we can also start solo'ing camps now).
Possible replacement?= Obliterate and Frost Strike. Obliterate gives us an aoe to our empowered auto attack and Frost Strike gives us a nice slow to it.

Level 10 = Summon Sindragosa, Why?= Because it's fun and we can tower dive like a boss if we can aim right.
Possible replacement?= Army of the Dead, but only if your team has no healers or your team needs a strong *** tank in order to survive.

Level 13 = Relentless, Why?= Because Arthas has no real escapes and this talent helps us to get out of CC a lot faster to either escape or to chase the enemy down.
Possible replacement?= Trail of Frost so you can have a greater amount of CC, but only take it if your team has no real CC in it.

Level 16 = Frostmourne Feeds, Why?= Because it's a straight damage boost as it gives you an extra empowered attack instead of the regular 1 (if you can land both that is).
Possible replacement?= There is none, seriously this is probably the single most important talent for this build so please take it if you want that damage boost.

Level 20 = Hardened Shield, Why?= Because it gives you %75 damage reduction for 4 seconds, you don't need to be a mathematical genius to figure out why this is good and why you need it in the late game when the enemy team also got there level 20 upgrades.
Possible replacement?= Legion of Northrend or Absolute Zero as they are just the heroic upgrades. Legion of Northrend gives you 3 more bastards to sacrifice plus they last longer and Absolute Zero roots enemies hit by the blast and it flies half way across the map.

Build on Youtube Top

Credits Top

Thank you for reading this build, if you enjoyed it then as always a thumbs up is appreciated, but if you did not enjoy the build then please leave a comment telling me why you didn't enjoy it.

This build is something I use for fun, if you came up with a similar build then I'm sorry, but I didn't copy it from you because I have a brain and there are only so many builds you can make within this game. Do not use this build in Ranked as I assure you that it sucks and should only be picked up for some fun in Quick Match xD

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