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Murder is Fun! - Mist Barrage

By: Abbacus
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2016
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Sucks seeing the BW playing community so upset about the recent patch, but all hope is not lost.

Even before the most recent patch which changes BW quite a bit, I noticed when I encountered other BW players, it was always the same: "blink heal" "phase shield" build. I too used to do just that but I had a revelation one day when I was exploring other build options, discovering a very cruel Healing Mist - Arcane Barrage build, I call "Murder is Fun!"

The patch has made it more viable.

In my Battlefield FPS days, I often chose support class with the LMG, this build is like giving BW a long distance, annoying source of damage that suppresses their team, but you have to be quite good at anticipating movements. It's cruel against tracer as you know how to predict her teleport, and shuts down hammer, it is a completely new way of playing BW I am kind of addicted to, and if you get good, you can see yourself out hero damaging several of your teammates.

Murder is Fun! - Mist Barrage Build

1st Talent - Dream Shot
This first pick sets up the whole build, and allows you to lane annoyingly at the start, even when there are two or three heroes in a lane vs you. You can land hits on them and keep sending out more.

2nd Talent - Arcane Barrage
This sets up the ranged support that is valuable to suppressing the other team, you can keep your distance and poke, standing on the edge of Hammer's radius, or keeping out of harms way from damage dealers, or stuns.

3rd Talent - Mystified
As you keep landing hits on heroes and resetting arcane flare, you can keep casting it, which makes you heal more. You'll find yourself out healing other healers, even morales if you are successful with this build. (there's just the fact it's non-targeted healing)

4th Talent - Emerald Wind? (circumstantial)
The reason I dislike picking blink heal with the build is because blink heal defeats the purpose of the entire build. It often puts you in danger trying to blink to a dying teammate.

Emerald wind increases your passive healing by 15% with the new patchThat synergizes with the rest of the build quite well. On top of that, as you cast it and there's that momentary stun as they are being pushed back, you can time exactly where the enemy will be, and lob off an arcane barrage, giving you that very needed cooldown reduction.

5th Talent - Sticky Flare (perhaps ice block)
Adding insult to injury, you can slow all you hit down by 40%, doing this repeatedly as you get cooldown reductions. Them walking like in molasses, makes it easier to keep landing the hits, making you truly annoying. Imagine BW with rabies, chasing a solo assassin like jaina, caught out, gradually slowing down with each landed hit. Believe it when I say, you can solo kill jaina this way. Watch out not to chase too far and get ganked.

6th Talent - Hardened Focus/Greater Polymorph
I choose hardened focus for the increase in heals from the amount of casts I can do, but Critterize can be annoying against the right heroes in a team fight. Overall the time frame they are a critter usually isn't worth it, compared to Hardened Focus.

Final Talent - Revitalizing Mist/Continuous Winds
Revitalizing mist allows for more heals as you are able to cast more Arcane Barrage, very effective at quickly healing the entire team. Continuous winds can be good in certain circumstances where a stronger disengage is needed.

The maps I have found it's good on, are team fight maps such as Punisher Map, and Battlefield of Eternity. It has worked pretty well on Blackhearts Bay, and Dragon Shire. When enemies are caught behind their gate defending the dragon, or Punisher, you are well ranged to give the clustered together heroes an Arcane Barrage assault.

This build does require quite a bit of practice to really get good at, but it will start to make you better at timing other AOE attacks with characters like Jaina, or Chromie. It kind of gives you that 'pattern of movement' and sears it into your head. I wish you all luck.

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