Murky hunter of squishies, and maybe Wrath incarnate by kdonmination

Murky hunter of squishies, and maybe Wrath incarnate

By: kdonmination
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2015
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Build: The combo

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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Sylvanas Sylvannes is a good counter early but hit her late and the banshee queen will have to rise again
Kael'thas Keal'thas is an annoying hero to face in the best sittuations but all that damage doesn't matter when he's facing someone who can become invulnerable, or in the late game lock him down and kill him before he does anything.
  No Threat
Leoric As one of, if not the most squishy of the tanks Leoric is the easiest of the tanks to kill and best part is sometimes you can do it on your own
Abathur If you can find him Abathur is a no threat, however the symbiote's spike and aoe can kill you and counter your push early
  No Threat
  No Threat
Anub'arak Tanks are annoying to this build, especially tanks that heal do to being in close proximity to another hero, even while stunned, that being said if he doesn't have his locusts and you have some backup damage its still nice to kill him
Valla While squishy, Vala has a ton of damage and is very annoying she can kill you if your not careful and ruin your day, that said land the combo and she's one dead demon hunter
  No Threat
Zagara Zagara is a real lane bully, no questions asked. She's a hard counter early and still very annoying later, however she is still a squishy and is supsceptable to the combo.
Nova Facing a good nova as murky is tortuous considering they can kill you so easiy and quickly with there snipe and crippling shot, as well as hunt your egg, if they miss there snipe and grab them they'll become a real ghost
Zeratul burst damage, teleport and stealth make him one of the worst heroes to face as murky, the worst part I he may teleport out of your pufferfish before it can kill him.


How this build works is that that you can safely soak xp early and then punish there squishies later (the real damage starts at level 13). this Is a combo based build good for soloing against squishies and can majorly injure tanks, helping your team finish them off.

At tier one your safety bubble is for escape early and late alike, but is also a real gap closer, safely letting you farm, while knowing your going to get away if it comes down to it. the alternatives are bribe and block, but that's really not the reason for the build.

At tier two living the dream just means more damage on your slime and puffer, while giving you extra motivation to stay alive, the only real alternative hear is envenom since it does good damage.

Compressed air may seem like an odd talent for a build like this, but from my own experience, it helps you soak very effectively, as well as help landing your puffer, zoning, and picking up kills. the only real alternative would be slime advantage in case they survive the combo.

Octo-grab is a must for this build, it allows for the combo to hit as well as doing good damage at tier 7.

wrath of the cod is a must here is no two ways about it, if you slime, and then through the puffer at the target, then lock them down with octo-grab then the squishes will fall from a massive burst of damage, this will continue to increase at level 16

This talent is a huge convenience and can deal an extra 500+ damage to the target, it supports the wrath of cod talent as well as meaning if you cant slime your still ok. there is no real alternative but if you must, blood for blood is the way to go.

At tier 7 ...and a shark too helps you do a ton more damage setting up for some juicy kills, or maybe some set ups for tank kills. The only real other option is Rewind for the extra slime and fish, but that just means a bigger chance to mistakenly hit the wrong key and die to me.

This build is focused around combos, but the build also allows you to do some nice things in team fights s well. It is better on bigger maps, with less team fights, It can also help you push effectively.

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