Murky the sneeky assasin by Szypu

Murky the sneeky assasin

By: Szypu
Last Updated: May 3, 2015
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Valla She can kill our fish so fast that it can not explode
Tychus he has realy strong dmg so he is able to kill Murky ussing only his Q or Auto atacks
Nova Nova is like cancer to Murky, its because she can sneek up and kill his fish and also she has enough dmg to kill him in a second

Simply combo Top

After 20 lvl and picking up your reset ability you're able to kill almost evry champ in the game except of those the tankiest. To do this combo you need to practice it for a long time to do this quickly enough.
Combo goes like that: firstly usse your Q next your W after ussing those abilities click 1 to reset cooldowns and do it again and after this usse your ultimate to hold enemy in your fishes until they explode.

camp clear Top

Murky has eazy camp clear because of his dmg, so he need to do the camps as many as it is possible. While doing those caps ofc you need to remember to focus at one target at the time

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