My Tracer build by Codename

My Tracer build

By: Codename
Last Updated: Jan 6, 2017
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Li Li

Introduction Top

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This is my first guide so it might not be that professional ;p, also this is about my own personal build that I use for mine playstyle. All you see in my guide is from my own experience with Tracer.
Please keep in mind that these are mine opinions about each talent hence my personal build for Tracer. I could be wrong about some things or you could disagree with me, that's totally fine.

This build that I use is not the best build, but if you like my build and want to try it out, feel free to do so :)

I just want to share it with you guys. Maybe you will have some fun with my build.

As Tracer says "Cheers, Love!".

Some Tips Top

Tracer is a gank type hero. You just pick the lowest health and easiest heroes to kill like you do with Nova.

If you have not seen the matchup above with Tracer just keep in mind to stay away from Valla, Raynor, Lunara,
Varian and most of the healer heroes.

Easy targets for Tracer is: Murky, Mi Ling, The lost Viking, Lt. Morales and Chromie.
Illidan fits this category as well but if you don't have your escape/mobility resources up and both of you are lvl 10 or higher you will have a hard time with him.

Be cautious against heroes who has poison abilities since they hurt Tracer a lot. Cause if you get hit by them you have either to retreat(only if you are close to base) or use Recall to undo the poison. That will make you more easy to target since you lost your best escape ability.

So far I only know she excels in the map Blackheart's Bay for taking the coins from the chests there. She literally melts it in seconds.

LVL 1 Starting Talents Top

Pulse Strike - Out of the 3 starting talents this one is the best in my opinion.

Slipstream - Adds 1 more second for Total Recall. Doesn't really change anything so kind of useless talent.

Tracer Rounds - This talent is useless as well. You think it might be good for heroes like nova or Zeratul but in my experience they either die in 4 seconds or they kill you. Tracer is fast enough anyway to chase them so if you are constant hitting them they can't go in stealth. And talents like lvl 20 Nova Ghost Protocol will make this talent useless.

My personal pick Pulse Strike. Faster recharge, says enough.

LVL 4 Top

Parting Gift - This talent is not that good. It's ok against melee heroes, who knows you might even kill them with it.

Is That a Health Pack?! - Tracer has so little health that she will be fully healed by 2-3 healing spells. I find the healing sufficient enough even without this talent most of the time. I never pick this talent.

Untouchable - Definitely the best talent in the tier but if you cant stay alive it will make this talent useless.

My personal pick Untouchable in combination with the later talents I pick for my build and of course the whooping 30% increase :)

LVL 7 Top

Jumper - You start with 3 charges, now you have 4. Most of the time I use only 2 Blink charges in fights or chasing and for escaping 2-3. So with this talent I able to keep 1 in my pocket for emergency.

Bullet Time - Tracer attacks 10 times with 1 mag so that's a fully second off. But even then this talent is still not as good as the other two since you need to be offensive all the time to make it work and that's not possible.

Spatial Echo - Quite good talent if you and your team are able to kill other heroes but sometimes it's the other way around and you get nothing.

My personal pick Jumper. That guaranteed extra charge is sufficient enough for me in my playstyle and makes me not rely on hero takedowns.

LVL 10 Heroic Talents Top

Sticky Bomb - It's good for some crowd control but hard to hit multiple heroes with since you need to dive in and again that's a bad idea with Tracer. As Tracer you just want to pick the heroes one by one.

Quantum Spike - Extra damage is always good and it's great against warriors (tanks) or high health heroes.

Pulse Rounds - This will recharge your heroic ability faster when attacking heroes. I have picked this talent couple times and I find it lacking damage. Most of the time I save Pulse Bomb for fights anyway so this talent is not that good for me. It's great against a team with low health heroes though.

My personal pick Quantum Spike. Because I find the base Pulse Bomb lacking in damage.

Though all 3 are kind of equal. This tier talent pick is more your own preference.

LVL 13 Top

Bullet Spray - This talent is more for wave clear.
1-The recharge rate of Pulse Bomb does not stack even able to hit multiple heroes combined with lvl 1 talent Pulse Strike
2- Tracer isn't a type of dive in hero since she will get melted if she do. Kind of useless in maps that will have a lot of teamfights. Good for maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Ricochet - To be honest I never picked this talent since it just seems underwhelming.

Leeching Rounds - 20% seems low but it works great with Untouchable and lvl 16 talent Locked and Loaded. This gives Tracer more survivability since she got so low health and able to stay longer in teamfights.

My personal pick Leeching Rounds. It just feels so great kiting melee heroes and get my health back ;). On serious note I just pick it to have more suvivability. It does wonders for me when having low health and in just few mags I have my health back up.

LVL 16 Top

Sleight of Hand - This depends on playstyle though. If you like being ranged go for it since this will make you not going for melee anymore with this reload time. Cause why take the risk of being hit?

Focus Fire - The damage is nice but you need to stay on the same target to get that bonus damage. With Tracer you don't want to stay too long on the same spot. I just find it too risky this talent.

Locked and Loaded - This talent is great with "Untouchable and Leeching Round". It does more damage in short amount of time than "Sleight of Hand" and less risky than "Focus Fire".

My personal pick Locked and Loaded. Good combination with the talents I pick.

LVL 20 Top

Get Stuffed! - I find it usefull for to keep heroes away from your team or disrupt some heroes heroic ability like nova "Triple Tap". Since it also had 3 seconds cooldown you can melee more thus more damage per second.

Total Recall - So now you got 34 seconds cooldown with Recall. Seems a lot! People say it's bad now but from my own experience it's not at all. It saved me and won fights with it a lot of times.

Composition B - Only good in teamfights but in teamfights you don't want to dive in the enemy team as Tracer cause you will get melted. It's good with lvl 10 talent Sticky Bomb and if you are able to make it happen to drop the bomb in the middle of the enemy team without using all your escape resources. Ugh Not worth it.

My personal pick Total Recall.

Final words Top

If you want to check my build in play check the video below:

Thanks for checking my guide/build again and if you happen to try it and want to leave any feedback or thoughts. Feel free to do so :)

Happy Hunting!

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