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Nanaki's Blizzna

By: Nanaki
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2014
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Jaina is an amazing assassin!

This build I use to burst down a squishy Hero or the Healer.

To start a fight: Q the enemy Hero I would like to attack. (They are now slowed by 35%)

W immediately over and a little behind them because they will likely start to run.

Then E to Root them in place and now they are hit with the second Blizzard. They should be close to dead.

Hit 1 to Rewind my talents.

Q again to finish.

Autoattacks in between of course.

The only change I make is level 16 on Curse Hallow, I take Snow Crash to have that extra Blizzard attack on the Tribute Spawn.

Her R is really great at stopping fleeing Heroes and puts out a bunch of damage! The Water Elemental is no joke either! Note that you can control/change who it attacks with R. It really is up to you as I used both and neither seemed better to me. Pick what works best for you.

This build is great at clearing Minion Waves with a quick Cone and Blizz. Same with Bruisers but don't solo those unless you pick up the Water Elemental. Even then you will likely have to back. This build has some trouble soloing the Stonethrowers until you pick up Icy Veins.

I have also found that if you are being chased, tossing a Blizzard behind you will likely allow you enough time to escape. I've juked a bunch of fights because of that extra decrease in speed.

That's all for now! Just wanted to share what I have so far.

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