Never ever go back. by Kadyoff

Never ever go back.

By: Kadyoff
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016
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Hi Top

I played Tracer the last couple of hours(about 20 games and only 3 loses) and this the the Build I find myself really confident with.
I usually go 10k+ more hero dmg and 20-30+ more tower dmg. then any other Tracer build I saw and fought against. There was only 1 Tracer with 3k hero dmg then me but had 50+ less tower dmg so it was wort it.

This build will allow you to stay on lane as long as you wish and keep the pressure really high against you opponents.

Level 1 Slipstream Top

It's obvious why you pick this one right?

Is That a Health Pack?! Top

Most of the Tracers are picking "Parting Gift" or "Untouchable". I don't like "Parting Gift" because it's somehow weak in single target combats which will happen often to you. The 3 bombs are jumping in 3 directions with so much space between them, everyone can dodge those easily. Also a hero can only be hit by 1 bomb so it is a max. of 250dmg per hero. Feels realy weak to me.

Untouchable is not constant enough. As Tracer you don't have much life and if the enemy realy want to kill you they will just stun and destory you in 2-3 seconds.

Is "That a Health Pack?!" allows you the to stay on lane forever. First of all you will get pretty much health back from minions while you lane. If you drop really hard in health you still have the Healing Fountains which will heal you no matter what Level or how low in HP you are to the MAXIMUM.

Jumper Top

Pick "Jumper" over "Bullet Time" because 6 sec. cooldown are not that much. You just have to know when and how often you need/can afford to jump. The forth jump will give you so much more mobility what is everything you need with Tracer.

"Spatial Echo" is also an ok pick. The reason I don't pick it is because sometimes you don't want to jump back because your positioning will be bad and the 2 jumps won't help you there. In teamfights it might be pretty good but I still prefer "Jumper". If you fell more save with "Echo" just pick it. (Y)

Pulse Rounds Top

I hate the small range of her Ult so Pulse Rounds is the only option for me. You can have some space between you and your enemy which is really handy if you are low life but can't leave the fight. The +150% charge rate against heroes will allow you to use your Ult really really often. Specially with "Sleight of Hand" on Tier 6 you will charge your Ult hilarious fast and can start "spam" it.

Sticky Bomb has a huge slow but well. It is not worth it. You have to go realy close and in a team fight they will instant stun and kill you. Same goes for Quantum Spike. 10% is nice but you will deal much more dmg if you throw your bomb from behind and deal autohit dmg over time in the fight.

Bullet Spray. Top

Let's you clean waves fast and gives you % to your Ult.

Ricochet is just realy bad and Leeching Rounds as well. 20% heal is nothing. You have enough heal with "HEALTH PACK" and "Total Recall".

Sleight of Hand Top

It let's you charge your Ult realy fast."Focus" and "Locked and Loaded" are not worth it. 30-35% are nice but 20% will do it also. You will deal much more dmg with your Ult which you can "spam" after skilling "Sleight of Hand".

Total Recall Top

Because it is the BEST TALENT EVER. You can just jump stupidly full yolo in fight->MELEE->ULT->travel back time and GG EZ. While fighting your Ult will charge fast till 100% and then you have again free dmg. You have also the ability to stay even longer on lanes and fights since it heals/sets back your health.

The duration until the bomb explodes is not that high so you don't nedd "Get Stuffed" and the 50% extra bomb from "Composition B" is a joke...

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