Ninja Tank + Abathur instawin by darkshark

Ninja Tank + Abathur instawin

By: darkshark
Last Updated: Aug 7, 2015
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Sgt. Hammer

Build: Ninja Tank

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Threats to Sgt. Hammer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Stitches He alone can't really kill you, but his hook can screw up your retreat.
  No Threat
Zeratul Not quite as dangerous as Nova, but still a high threat.
  No Threat
Nova She can get in close before you can break her stealth, and your thrusters can't get away from triple tap.
Kael'thas Just stay away from this guy, he hurts, and only has to enter your range briefly to inflict his wrath.

The ninja Top

This guide is for a slightly unusual playstyle for SGT Hammer, yet an extremely effective one (ESPECIALLY when teamed up with an Abathur)

The premise behind this is that by level 16, you have the ability to stay cloaked while moving, which allows for amazing ganks, and more importantly, a way to get into their base and wreak havoc before the enemy team even knows what's going on. Post 16 you just slowly roll up to the enemy core, then you WAIT THERE cloaked until you see a team fight break out on the minimap. Have Abathur clone SGT hammer, so now you have TWO base wrecking beasts. Break stealth, and both of you start blasting the core. As long as that team fight is going on elsewhere, the enemy team will not be able to get back to their base in time (the fight will be a 3v5, so your team won't last too long). The whole core goes from 100 to 0 in about 15 seconds.

The Maps Top

The maps that this works best on are the maps that have objectives that clear a path to their core without you having to clear one yourself. This ensures that you can still be present during teamfights and other objectives without having to constantly make a push. This makes it to where even if your team is losing, you still have a fairly high chance of winning the match just based on your incredibly high damage output.

Blackheart's Bay
Haunted Mines
Sky Temple
Spider Queen
(sometimes) Dragon Shire

The Talents Top

Ambush is the bread and butter of this entire build. The double damage from your first attack when combined with later talents will make ANYONE think twice about trying to attack you, mostly because 1/3 of their HP is missing in one shot.

Focused attack gives you incredibly high first shot damage and will easily get people to back the f*** off and stay outside your range, giving you the freedom to keep hammerin' away at whatever you want.

This is situational, if you find yourself on a smaller map I would take the Hyper Cooling talent instead of this, it will keep you alive longer than First Aid will since you will NEED to be a hit-and-run type player on smaller maps or risk certain death.

The only choice for hammer. The BFG is fun, but not really useful.
Use this to nuke down towers and waves to push HARD. It's a great damaging ult with a 6 second cooldown that costs very little mana. What's not to love here?

Even more damage for pushing hard. At this point you will be able to melt through any fort in seconds. This talent will be vital for the extreme sustain damage needed for taking down the core once you're past level 16.

This is what is going to win you the game. You might move slowly, but you're stealthed so just mosey on into the enemy base and plop down next to their core, or next to an objective, or wherever you want. (You are a very large stealthed hero, you are easy to spot if you're wondering around in the open, so stick to terrain edges/grass/fog/just stay still)

NOTE: In order for hammer to even attack the enemy core, your team MUST have taken out at least ONE of the inner area forts or the game will not allow you to damage the core.

Game over. Your attack speed is ridiculous now. Go do your thing.

Although this build is absolutely going to win you games, it becomes SO MUCH MORE when paired with an Abathur. Two Hammers are better than one (or in the event that Abathur picks Monstrosity instead, he can still give you 25% extra attack speed, 45% total with Nexus Frenzy)

The Strategy Top

Sneak over to enemy core
Wait for vision on enemy team (preferably a teamfight far far away)
Have abathur clone you (or at least hat you, for attack speed increase)
Go ham
If you didn't outright win the game right there and someone comes to deal with you...then use your judgement. Can you kill this person? How fast can this person kill me? Can I kill the core before they kill me? Do I have backup nearby? Weigh your options and decide to retreat or not.

TIP: If possible, don't attack the core until after the minion wave spawns from the core so you get to keep your First Strike damage for as long as possible.

Tip #2: If you're losing the game and fear that the enemy team is going to be making a final push, THAT is the time to go to their core. Two hammers do more damage than a full 5 man team usually, so you will be able to out-damage the enemy team and take the win.

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