opportunist genji build by egedenizi22

opportunist genji build

By: egedenizi22
Last Updated: May 30, 2021
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Build: opportunist genji build

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use this build if your team already has a strong damage dealer and if enemy doesnt have any hard cc (crowd control) like uther

this build is all about going in getting the kill and get out fast as possible , with this build during team fights you poke from a distance and wait for a opportunity as soon as you see a key ability or a ult being used and enemies are at low hp you go in finish them off and get out same waiting is also includes your dragonblade

swift as the wind:in my opnion this is the best ability you can pick in level 1 unless you're playing on braxis holdout which is a different story I recommend this ability because it makes your job lot easier lets say your chasing a enemy and you land that dash on him that extra speed boost can be the difference between getting a kill and not being able to get a kill its also really usefull while running away from the enemy when you feel like you cant get a kill you can just use the dash on a enemy even if you dont get a kill that speed boost could save you

shuriken mastery:its really good for this build because this build is all about burst and getting a kill then running away to safety you have to kill the target quickly as possible its also scales up with shingan which ıll explain later its also really good if enemy has characters with big hitboxes like butcher , azmadon , etc if the enemy team is not too squishy you can finish this quest around 10-15 minutes which will give you a significant damage boost after finishing it you can use q 5 times with the d

perfect defense:in my opinion this is the best ability you can get other ones are pretty useless compared to perfect defense , being able to use deflect more ofton increases your survivability and more you live during the game more effective you can be

dragonblade:if enemy doesnt have hard cc s with this ult you can get the most out of genji but before using dragonblade always make sure enemy doest have any sort of escape , enemy used all of their hp and enemy players should be at half hp for a optimal dragonblade clean up

shingan:its one of the best abilities you can get if you pick shuriken mastery when you land shingans with q its deals insane amount of damage it also scales up with shuriken mastery which means more damage also if you completed the quest you can land 3 shingans then d and shingan 2 more times this means 5 shingans you can literally shred tanks and melt squishes a small tip I can give is try to wait in bushes and when you see a target with huge hitboxes and limited mobility like zagara or azmadon jump on then land few shingans then d and land more shingans even if you not land all the q s as shingans you will burst them so hard that they couldnt even react and you can finish the rest with dash and deflect easily

final cut:back in the day I used to pick steady blade but it got nerfed too much unless you're running a full genji cooldown reduction build I wont recommend that and reflect is bit situational final cut will give you the highes damage output during your blade dashing in and out or while getting a pick and leaving with a dash you will damage the enemies around

dragon becomes me:if enemy has people like li ming or tracer you can consider zanshin or if their tanks scales up too much and you feel like in the late game dragonblades does nothing good for you you can pick sharpened stars but if non of those happen with dragon becomes me is the best choice you can get team wipes and become a huge threat for the enemy

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