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philthy malfurion

By: philthy
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2015
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This build is designed for a team that isn't going to be overly needy with the heals. You can still heal competitively with other healers however, the purpose of this build is to help your team get kills my maximizing Malfurion's root ability. His root does a surprisingly high amount of dps and often times taking away the opponent's ability to run away is the difference between a kill and a waste of mana. This build in the early game can lane alone, mid to late game you will be with the team popping tranq for team fights and trying to root the enemies for they can eat a wombo combo. I made rank 1 with this build, often times putting out dps similar to an assassin with heals equal to the best of them. This build wont work for you if your team is the type that needs burst healing, it really requires disciplined teammates that don't expect you to consistently save them while diving into losing battles.

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