Post Patch Mixed Sustain and Burst Kael'Thas by AngularOutcrop

Post Patch Mixed Sustain and Burst Kael'Thas

By: AngularOutcrop
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016
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Hi everyone, I've been playing KT since his release, and he's one of my favorites. After being overshadowed by Li Ming for a while, I'm happy to say that he's back in the meta again - especially now with Li Ming being one of the prioritized bans. This build above allows you to deal a lot of sustain, AOE damage with Flamestrike, and to mess up your enemy's positioning with chain bomb and phoenix. It's a very powerful build right that basically never require you to get into aggressive positioning, and still be able to pressure the enemy backline if you cast flamestrike correctly.

This is a guide in progress. I will be adding Talent Explanations and teamfighting tips as time progresses.

But before that happens, let me just explain very briefly how you use this build.

Basically, all I do the entire game is cast Flamestrike with verdant sphere slightly behind the enemy's tank while still catching the enemy's tank. The reason for this is that when an enemy's tank is initiating a fight, the enemy healer, and other squishies will follow closely behind. When this happens, it's basically a "lockdown," where there's no way for the enemy to dodge your flamestrike. They can't dodge it because in their head, they're thinking about following up on their tanks initiation, and they're moving forward. They need to react within like .25 seconds if they are to successfully dodge your flame strike. And if they do choose to dodge your flame strike, they would be running for around a second, and during that second, they are leaving their tank in a very dangerous position with no follow up. Therefore, what you want to do in games is to watch for when the enemy's squishies are trying to follow up on their tanks, and then drop a flamestrike to deal damage. By Level 20, you can deal more than 1000 damage with your flamestrike.

For the living bombs, what you want to do is cast it on the enemy's tank IF NO OTHER PEOPLE IS IN RANGE. The reason is that if no other people is in range, the tank can't absorb damage for more than 2 seconds (assuming all 5 of your team is hitting him), and the tank will need to retreat. When he retreats, there's a very likely chance that he will pass the bomb to someone on their team. But many times, you will have something like a [thrall] diving into your team, in which case you want to stun him and cast the living bomb on him. This is a defensive mechanism to drive the thrall away, and also you get a chance for him to spread the bomb to their team. With Arcane Barrier taken out of the game, you really don't want to get out of position to cast your living bomb. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to cast it only on those that are in range.

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