Queen of the Forsaken! by GrumpyPuppy

Queen of the Forsaken!

By: GrumpyPuppy
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015
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Build: Sylvanas - Sustain and Destroy!

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Simple build I made for Sylvanas

1. Lost Soul reduces the cool down of Shadow Dagger (W) by 2 sec which is huge in the late game as you will see at 16, but in the early game, helps clear minion waves faster

4. Paralysis doubles the effect of the basic attacks (Black Arrow) and stuns minions, mercenaries, and structures to now 2 seconds instead of 1. Again really useful in early minion wave clears alongside capturing the early siege giants and when you are pushing with the wave, to make sure that the cannon towers are not hitting your minions or you!

7. Life Drain will make sure that the usage of your Shadow Dagger (W) heals you each time it spreads to a new enemy, thereby increasing sustain in the push. Also, since we picked Lost Soul at 1, the talent is back 2 sec faster!

10. Ultimate - Wailing Arrow is insane in team fights, cutting off enemy ults by silencing them and when it explodes, it does 200 damage and silences opponents for 2.5 seconds to help your team own the team fights

13. Overwhelming Affliction will now make sure that your basic attacks slow even enemy heroes by 5% and has a stack of 5 to go up to. Amazing to push heroes away when getting away while trying to kill them with your Withering Fire (Q) & Shadow Dagger (W)

16. Cold Embrace makes it so that Shadow Dagger (W) makes the enemies vulnerable and makes them take 25% more damage. The range is reduced by 25% as well, but, when you are at this stage, team fights matter a lot and thanks to you slowing them with auto attacks, using Cold Embrace (W) to basically 'Hunter's Mark' them, while using Withering Fire (Q) and Haunting Wave (E) all the time will get your team that extra bit to win!

20. Deafeaning Blast makes it so that if the opponents are grouped thanks to Gazlowe, Thrall, Malfurion, ETC, etc. when it hits, the enemies at the center take 50% more damage (600 damage) while getting stunned for 5 seconds to help you win the final push and take the core!

GL HF out in the nexus!

Let me know if this guide makes sense and let me know if you have any tips at making it better!

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