Quickmatch Jaina Build by Kesper

Quickmatch Jaina Build

By: Kesper
Last Updated: May 7, 2015
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Who Exactly Am I? Top

Hi, I'm Kesper, a casual RTS and MMO gamer. I've played Starcraft for a number of years, but Heroes of the Storm really caught my interest. Thanks for reading my guide, and make sure to give this thing a rating!

Jaina Top

Jaina is top tier right now for assassins. She's incredibly squishy and can take zero hits, but does amazing AoE burst damage. She also has some soft crowd control through her trait.

-Amazing burst (best in the game?)
-Constant slows via Chill
-AoE damage

-Kind of immobile without survivability talents, but that takes away from your damage.
-VERY squishy
-Can be mana hungry
-Suffers from heroes that can stick to opponents (like Illidan and Tyrael)

Abilities Top

Frostbolt (Q): Skillshot. Hit to chill target and deal damage. Your "initiation" ability, at least pre level 10. It does the least damage out of all of your spells, so you want to use it first to apply your chill.

Blizzard (W): Call down 2 waves of blizzard on an area. Damage and chill. A good AoE damage spell. Use on chilled targets to make it easier to land 2 waves.

Cone of Cold (E): Damage and chill in a cone in front of you. Highest damage spell, use when you can on chilled targets.

Frostbite (Trait): Enemies hit with your abilities are slowed and take extra damage from your other abilities. This is what lets Jaina do her insane burst, since you get crits on all your spells after you chill a target.

Ultimates explained in the Heroics section.

Tier One Top

- Winter's Reach: Increase Frostbolt range by 30%
This one is a lot of fun. It lets you land your bolt from farther away. However, I think the Deep Chill talent is better.

- Lingering Chill: Chill lasts for 2 more seconds. This one lets you do a lot more damage because the CD on Frost Bolt is 4 seconds, so you can theoretically keep a target chilled forever. However, Deep Chill provides more utility and soft CC.

- Deep Chill: Chill slow increased to 35%
Best pick in my opinion. It increases your chill slow, allowing you to potentially land 2 waves of Blizzard and chase down kills. Also helps clean up teamfights

- Conjurer's Pursuit: Collect regen orbs to improve mana regen.
Very risky. You have to actively walk forward to grab the orbs, forcing you to expose yourself to ganks and other attacks. It's better to get Arcane Intellect later and not die.

Tier Two Top

- Frost Shards: Frostbolts penetrate through their targets and do damage enemies behind them.
Interesting talent. This lets you chill a ton of enemies with your Q and land more crits. But, you can basically do the same thing with your W. Also, it only works if the enemy team is lined up.

- Snowstorm: Increase Blizzard Radius by 30%
One of my favorite picks, especially in Quickmatch. You can absolutely own a whole team if they're clumped up. Also, the improved radius helps you to land 2 waves of Blizzard. Also it avoids having too many other abilities.

- Arcane Intellect: Basic attacks and spells against chilled targets restore mana.
Good to sustain yourself in lane and avoid having to leave because you're out of mana (oom). However, the damage and finishing potential of Envenom seems better to me.

- Envenom: Activate to poison an enemy.
This talent does tons of damage, prevents stealthies from cloaking and can finish your enemies off without you having to chase. Also, it's mana-less damage output. Finally, it actually does more damage when you get Northern Exposure.

Tier Three Top

- Ice Floes: Increased size of Cone of Cold, lower cooldown.
Kind of useless. The only time the extra width is nice is if you're hitting more enemies, and if you're that close to a lot of enemies, you're probably dead. Cooldown reduction isn't very important.

- Frostbitten: Increased damage bonus from chill increased from 50% to 65%
More damage? Get this. It drastically improves your burst.

-Ice Armor: Enemies who attack you are chilled. Every 8 seconds reduce an enemy attack by 75%
Sounds good, but honestly, if you're letting enemies auto attack you enough for the chill to matter, you're gonna die.

- Ice Lance: Frostbolt cooldown reduced by 2 seconds if it hits a chilled target
Good for single target damage builds. You can chill an enemy with Cone of Cold and keep reducing your Frostbolt cooldown. I still prefer the increase in chill damage though.

Tier Four (Heroics!) Top

Ring of Frost: A very hard ultimate to use. It roots enemies and leaves a ring on the ground that chills. The root can make some awesome plays and the chill basically creates a wall. Good for coordinated teams who can wombo combo off your roots.

Summon Water Elemental: Summons an elemental in an area that chills targets when it comes out and also chills with every auto attack. I personally think this ultimate is much better because it applies your trait constantly, allowing your spells to crit every time. You can chill an entire enemy team if you target with the elemental. Also, the elemental moves faster than players and also slows, so you can use it to chase squishy heroes out of fights. All around has great utility.

Tier Five Top

- Storm Front: Increases Blizzard cast radius by 100%
If you're going for a full Blizzard build then this is is definitely the way to go. It lets you snipe people with Blizzard and cast it from safety. This tier one really depends on the build.

- Improved Ice Block: Activate to put yourself in stasis
If the enemy team has tons of CC so you'll never be able to escape, you can delay your death and let your team help you.

- Icy Veins: Activate to double CD reduction and mana cost of abilities
This is the best damaging ability in this tier. If you're super confident in your positioning and trust your team to protect you, you can use this thing to absolutely destroy enemy teams.

- Sprint: Activate to gain 75% extra movement speed
For Quickmatch, this is the way to go. You QM games are usually very disorganized with disorganized teams. Sometimes, if your warriors do a bad job, you're gonna have to make a run for it. Staying alive is very good.

Tier Six Top

- Snow Crash: Adds an extra wave of Blizzard
Don't take this, since it's hard to even land 2 waves of Blizzard.

- Northern Exposure: Enemies hit by Cone of Cold take 25% extra damage for 2 seconds.
You give the most bursty character a damage increasing ability. What were you thinking, Blizzard? Pick this, it's incredible. Your team benefits from this as well.

- Numbing Blast: Chilled enemies hit by Cone of Cold are rooted for 1 second
Pick this if you need more CC or need some help escaping.

- Ice Barrier: Gain 25% of damage given from Chill as shields. Lasts for 3 seconds.
Jaina is about damage. If you get to when you need this to live, you're positioning wrong. Try and get your warriors to peel for you. In QM, this might not work though. Anyway, Sprint should be enough so you don't need to take this.

Tier Seven (Storm Talents) Top

- Cold Snap: Center of Ring of Frost explodes after
Even if you pick Ring of Frost, this is really useless.

- Wintermute: Water Elemental mimics your spells for 50% damage
This is pretty hard to use, since you have to move the elemental too. It does do a lot of damage if used right though.

- Arcane Power: Activate to make abilities have 15% increased power and gain 400 mana
Not very good. It's kind of worse than Overdrive because it's only a 15% increase instead of 25%. It gives you mana, but by late game, you shouldn't have mana issues anymore.

- Bolt of the Storm: Activate to blink to target location
Great talent. Lets you escape, chase down targets and play more aggressive because you'll have an ability to get out. In combination with Sprint you should be able to survive most confrontations and secure most kills.

Playstyle Top

Early game, clear the waves with Blizzard and Cone of Cold. If you're solo, don't push to the towers, because you will be ganked easily. Jaina can't take any punishment, so you have to play very safe. If you have a teammate with you, hid behind them to do your damage.

Mid game, you can either push hard or fight with your team. Jaina does tons of damage, so I would personally suggest looking for fights with your allies.

Late game is all about teamfights. You should be able to wreck your enemies with your insane burst. Just make sure your fingers are quick with your escape keys, since death timers are really long.

Jaina has a very good burst combo. Hit an enemy with Frostbolt to apply the chill (or elemental if you want), then spam your abilities to get tons of crits. EZPZ.

Conclusion Top

Jaina is a very squishy, high damage hero. Positioning is vital on Jaina, so make sure you are aware of that. Once you have the positioning down, you'll be golden!

Thanks for reading my guide! I really appreciate you taking the time. Drop a rating, and good day!

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