Quiksc0pe Arthur by rmdec

Quiksc0pe Arthur

By: rmdec
Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015
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Build: quikscop talent build tree

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Threats to Arthas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Valla wait 4 her to finish her fancy tumble spin combo than quikscope her.
Nova nevr take spell shed, let her believ she is abut to quikscoip u, than quikscope her,
Tassadar he wil try to bubbl ur dameag, force him to hide n seek. count to 3 then quikscop him.
Kael'thas waijt 4 this man to finish his combo, tank his bird, than quiklscop him.
Jaina same
Malfurion u cant quikscope him he dont have enough damag, jst use knife.
Zeratul just like in cs, he will try to knife u whil u r lookig for quikscop, but u are fastr, turn arund fast nd quikscop him 1st
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Arthas he is usuly much stringer than u, dont try to quikscope. waiit4 him first to quikscope ur tem.

concipt Top

build is base arund lvl 16 n 20. quikscop is lost art n so diffcult. sty a low heal point n aim fas 2 tiem, bam bam. donot try if novis... u feed.

ur tem:
"u feder"

lv 1-10 Top

we tak any thng until lvl 10 becz they rn't use for quikcoping. jus sit in brush & soak.

lv 10- 19 Top

we takr singaposa here to help quikscop. it is useful 4 catch up and stop tower + minion so u can constrate n quikscoppe.

relentlose, somtiem they will try to stop ur quikscop. don let

lv 20 Top

embraces deth n rewine - mst importtnt part 4 quiksc0ping./ arths Q is 360 at lv 20, ths is how many angels u turn b4 you quikscope. thes 2 skill wil allow u to 360 x 2.8 x 2 + othr damaeg up to somthing lik 4000 dmg quikscope. enjoi

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