Rank 1 Uther Stun Bot Peel by EruditeShade

Rank 1 Uther Stun Bot Peel

By: EruditeShade
Last Updated: Jul 18, 2015
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Build: Stun Bot Uther ( counter for dive...

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Hello All About Myself Top

I am an RTS veteran who well regarded in ancient games like Age of Empires RISE OF ROME, a world renowned stategist ( 3 nicks in top 20 during the prime of its existence and during this period recognized as the best Gaia player in the world) In both Age of Mythology and The Titans Expansion, while also reaching the top 20 in Wc3.

I am a bit new to MOBAs but I am catching on fast. Since my background is different I do not think in the same narrow parameters of the renowned MOBA veterans and believe that I bring not only effective new methods but styles that are easier for new players to utilize effectively.

Talents " Stun Bot Uther Peel " Top

Conjurors pursuit at level 1 is self explanatory ; you need mana and it scales well into late game.

At lvl4 I take amplified healing which most will see as strange but I see it as very strong both for laning and team game fights. Nothing pisses me off more than watching both Tyraels and Uthers that kamikaze in team fights to proc their trait. NEVER ACTIVELY TRY TO DIE YOU ARE MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL TO YOUR TEAM ALIVE! ( And this talent keeps you alive.

At lvl 7 I will steer off the generally accepted talent choice and take holy fire. I find even at decent MMR players will leave you and expect you to solo lane even as Uther!... This helps. I also feel like if you end up roaming or engaging in lane the added damage from the aura is nice. While it does not make your waveclear amazing it is vastly superior with divine fire than without it.

At Lvl 10 we will take divine hurricane. The fabled perfect times 5 man stun during lategame teamfights are awsome but I feel like this is now how you maximize its value. I pick this talent when I am playing vs champs like Illiden, Thrall, Kerrigan, and Butcher. When they dive your valla , KT, or Jaina you stun him with your E then after it wears off cast your ulti. If your team focucuses them it is gg and you have huge advantage in fight.

Lvl 13 We will take shrink ray because like I said this is vs dive comps so if you are facing 2 melee carries the one you dont chain stun you shrink ray and negate most of his dmg while locking down and killing the other. Shrink ray is amazing vs Butcher so i recommend taking it in any build where you face a butcher

Lvl 16 We will take benediction. This talent is awsome but for this build we focus on the chain stun. Imagine you dive a team as illiden get stunned once by divine hammer / benediction/ divine hammer again/ then divine storm. THAT IS ALMOST A 4 SECOND LOCKDOWN BEHIND ENEMY LINES... THIS IS A NIGHTMARE. If your team is halfway conscious the champion stunned this long is a dead champion and your team has a huge advantage.

Lvl 20 i skip the upgrade on hurricane and if you are facing a heavy dive comp I take storm shield. This ulti negates lots of their dmg is they have certain comps but Redemption is also very good and better most of the time

Thanks for watching Top

This is my first guide so I dont know how to make it pretty but I hope this caveman style worked well enough and it interests you enough to try this build.

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