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By: pandevas
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016
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This is my favorite build for Kerrigan.

It provides really nice wave clear, you can take camps with no worries, and with careful engagement policy that has to be initiated with a good Combo you can melt entire teams in seconds.

Ravage heal can save you in some nasty situations, and give you on-the-spot-heal if the healer is far away from you.

After lv4 cleave talent has been picked Kerrigan gets a nice wave clear, and after lv13 with critical strikes after ability (ravage) use, multiple waves can be cleared with just few jumps and autoattacks.

With lv7 and lv16 talents for shield boost, you can prepare yourself for any combat by killing some minions with ravage to get some decent shield bonus before engaging.

Lv20 skill is optional, but I prefer blink in most situations.

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