Raven's way of Li Li by Fuyune

Raven's way of Li Li

By: Fuyune
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Raven's Heal

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First word's Top

Hello friends of little Panda bears.

This is my first guide so feel free to comment me what could be better.

I'm Raven, some know me as Fuyune aswell. I'm pretty new to the Heroes of the storm, but I think this is an pretty decent way to play Li Li and this is why I wanted to share this and maybe hear some oppinions.

Level 1: Pro Toss Top

I think why i choose this option is quite obvious.
The extra range is totally perfect to avoid getting focused easy in team fights.
Sure the extra Mana reg would come in pretty handy but in my experience its often useless in later stages of the game since I barely have mana management problems mid and late game stages.

Level 4: Mass Vortex Top

Mass Vortex is one hell of an pain in the butt for enemys relaying on auto attacks.
It's a life saver in many fights. There are two reasons why I love this skill, first the obvious to make enemys depending in auto attacks hate you and second, we later choose the option to add Slow down to Blinding Winds, more later in the Section "Hindering Winds"

Level 7: The Good Stuff Top

This was quite an hard decision to make but in the end it worked out worthy for me.
The extra amount of heal is often the famous "10hp" that saves your mates.
here is not quite much to explain since its pretty self explaining.

Level 10: Jug of 1,000 Cups Top

The ammount of heal done by this skill is pretty awsome, tho its biggest weakness is to only heal one Hero at the time.
It is no waste to use this skill even if you're not in team fights since the "low" cooldown.
But it's very important to remember, "to the most injured hero in range".

Level 13: Hindering Winds Top

Here is where some may disagree with me. This skill is awsome, specially to escape if you or your mates are chased by several enemy. It will make your life easy and may turn around team fights where movement is necessary. We already Skilled Mass Vortex to optimize the usage of this skill.

Level 16: Herbal Cleanse Top

Here it's getting really interesting and at the same time frustrating for enemy's that are trying to cc the **** out of your team. Herbal Cleanse will help you in team fights as well as in chases and so on. The ability to disable cc's used against you or your mates is an unbelievable advantage.

Level 20: Jug of 1,000 Cups Top

Again the heroic skill, this is used to improve team usage of your heroic ability.
With it you are now able to heal 2 heroes at the same time. Since the rapid amount of heals done by the skill, it will perfectly spread throughout your friends who need it the most.

Final Words Top

I really hope you enjoyed this guide and give it a shot. Feel free to leave any kind of comment I would appreciate it.
Play safe and help your mates and don't let someone tell you Li is useless or anything else.
Good Luck and thanks for your attention.

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